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Skyrim:Champion's Tunic

Skyrim: Items: Specialty Gear
Danger.png This article or section includes content from a crossover with The Legend of Zelda. Therefore, its canonicity within The Elder Scrolls is inherently ambiguous.
Specialty Gear: Champion's Tunic (xx00083E)
Type Light Armor & Gauntlets & Boots
Added by Switch
Editor ID LinkArmor
Rating Rating 46
Rating Rating 46 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 5 Value Value 300
Tempering Refined Moonstone x4
Tempering Refined Moonstone x4 Perk Elven
Champion's Tunic

Champion's Tunic is light armor obtained using amiibo or in a chest upon the Throat of the World. It takes up the armor, gauntlets, and boots slots.