Skyrim: People
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Location Redwater Den
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level Radiant (1-25) Class Bandit Wizard
RefID N/A BaseID xx008D28
Other Information
Health 35-441
Magicka 100-294
Stamina 50-150
Class Details EncClassBanditWizard
Faction(s) DLC1dunRedwaterDenFaction

The Attendant is a Dunmer bandit wizard found in Redwater Den, where he works the Redwater Skooma booths. He carries Redwater Skooma and a Redwater Den Backrooms Key.

If you go through the quest The Bloodstone Chalice, he will appear as a Vampire's Thrall on your way out of the area, though he will go about his duties as normal.

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