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Online:What About Glyphics?

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What About Glyphics?
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What About Glyphics?
An overview of what glyphics are

Apocrypha stores its secrets and forbidden knowledge in receptacles of all shapes and sizes. While the most common tend to take the form of books and tomes, one can also find scrolls, sheaves of parchment, Eyes of Mora, and stone and metal tablets, but perhaps the most intriguing of the various containers (other than the Eyes of Mora) are the glyphics.

For those of you unfamiliar with the peculiarities of the Great Eye's realm, I am sure you are asking yourself, "Just what in Oblivion is a glyphic?" Have no fear, for I will explain the details of these unusual items as I know them in short order.

Like all of Apocrypha, glyphics are the creation of Hermaeus Mora. Think of them as crystallized memories, condensations of notional moments in time captured in solid form and stored for later revelation. Every glyphic contains a specific bit of knowledge or a specific memory. With the proper coaxing, they can be urged to transform into a tangible version of the concept contained within.

Since glyphics are created specifically by the Great Eye, you can assume that each contains something of significance or importance to Hermaeus Mora. They are among the most secure and tamper-proof vaults of knowledge in all of Apocrypha. Some say the glyphics contain knowledge and memories that the Great Eye has locked away for a reason. Others that he uses them to store information of particular interest to his personal godly pursuits. Regardless, if you ever get a chance to interact with a glyphic, be careful to note whatever knowledge they contain.