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Vicecanon Servyna
Home City Stormhold
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Vicecanon Servyna

Vicecanon Servyna is one of three vicecanons in Stormhold.

She and Vicecanon Heita-Meen are trapped in a cave when the Aldmeri Dominion attacks Ten-Maur-Wolk. She and Heita-Meen lead a counter-attack when the skin-stealers are distracted, allowing the Ebonheart Pact's soldiers to escape.

Related Quests[edit]


"Excuse me. I'm busy."

A Pirate Parley[edit]

Near the end of the quest:

"One-Eye would have me believe you single-handedly rid this ... port of Dominion meddling. I would be dubious, but Senil Fenrila corroborated her story.
Now we don't need to fight a war with these pirates. We have you to thank for that."
Glad I could help.
"Don't be modest. One-Eye boasted of your skills. I've offered the pirates letters of marque to seize any Dominion ships they find.
You've earned a reward. Take it with the gratitude of Stormhold and the wardens."

After completing the quest:

"I'm not sending any troops into this town. There's no reason to fight these pirates until I have to.
Your friend One-Eye should know that someday, the Pact may be forced to come back here."

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