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Vicecanon Heita-Meen
Home City Stormhold
Location The Ordinator's Revenge, Windhelm Docks
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Vicecanon Heita-Meen

Vicecanon Heita-Meen is the Argonian vicecanon of Shadowfen. She is originally found in Stormhold along with her fellow two vicecanons, Hrondar and Servyna. She will take charge of fighting back the Dominion invasion force following the quests at Ten-Maur-Wolk. After helping you recover the Mnemic Egg from Loriasel, she will travel with you to Windhelm in Eastmarch.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Three Tender Souls[edit]

If you speak to her in the Stormhold Guild hall before the quest, she will be preoccupied.

"Excuse my silence. I've as much on my mind as a hatchling looking for supper."

You must speak with her in the guild hall at the end of the quest, when you are sent to speak with Vicecanon Hrondar.

"Vicecanon Hrondar is indisposed. He informed me you've been assisting us in our recent troubles. Are you any closer to discovering the killer?"
From what I've found, someone is framing the Shadowscales for the murders.
"Then we can concentrate our efforts elsewhere. Many will blame the Shadowscales regardless, but our concerns are greater now than scapegoats.
I fear the true culprit struck again, though I pray I'm incorrect."

Getting to the Truth[edit]

"When I said Vicecanon Hrondar was indisposed, I spoke half the truth. He's missing, and I fear it's the work of our killer.
This is why Vicecanon Servyna and I request your utmost discretion in recovering Vicecanon Hrondar to us."
What can I do?
"Listens-to-Water is one of our little fish, our eyes and ears. He signals when he possesses urgent information for the vicecanons. A short while ago, we received his signal.
Be swift and silent as currents in a stream. Speak with Listens-to-Water on our behalf."
Where can I find him?
"Look for the mud huts. Don't ask for him by name, or he'll think you a debt collector.
Remain discreet. If Listens-to-Water found the scent of Vicecanon Hrondar, follow it until its end."
I'll see what he knows.

Speaking to her again:

"Whoever's behind the murders appears to be resourceful. Take care you don't end up the next victim."

Speaking to her after investigating Listens-to-Water's Hut, but before entering Silyanorn Ruins:

"Vicecanon Hrondar is a boisterous, loud man. If he isn't found soon, the peace and quiet in Stormhold will betray his absence."

Speaking to her after saving Hrondar:

"Glad you found the vicecanon. I see he was right about you."

Scouring the Mire[edit]

Speaking to her after accepting the quest:

"We're in your debt, my friend. WIth [sic] the Dominion exposed, the ugly rumors of Argonians preying upon Dark Elves can be put to rest."

Trail of the Skin-Stealer[edit]

You will find her and Vicecanon Servyna in a cave in the middle of the ruins. Speak with her.

"How did you find us? Unless you're a skin-stealer. Keep your hands empty, if you please.
But you don't stink of death. You're likely what you seem. What remains for you to share is why you came here."
Vicecanon Hrondar sent me to find you.
"Still with us, is he? That man is luckier than a Khajiit in an abandoned fishery.
What does Hrondar want? If it's for me to say he was right about sticking together, he can drown himself in a bog."
He's planning to fight his way here to rescue you.
"We don't need rescuing, we need Hrondar to recognize we're bait in another Dominion trap! Tell him I won't allow such wasteful theatrics on our behalf"
What's your plan?
"If you find Vicecanon Hrondar's regiment, you'll find him. Tell him to call off his attack before the Dominion picks him apart. He shouldn't throw away his soldiers for what little remains of our forces."
I'll warn the vicecanon.
"If Vicecanon Hrondar sends for reinforcements, he'll gain enough soldiers to clear these Dominion muckworms from the ruins. We can manage until then. It's a good place to fight with our tails to the wall."

Speaking to her again:

"Why did that fool Nord insist we all come together? The ale's finally rotted his last bit of sense."

Speaking to her after freeing Ukatsei:

"Ukatsei is one of our finest scouts. Seeing him alive is sunlight in the afternoon."

Speaking to her after agreeing to find Vicecanon Hrondar with Ukatsei's help:

"So much death and treachery. These skin-stealers are criminals of war."

The Skin-Stealer's Lair[edit]

Speaking to her after exiting the ruins:

"I need a moment to recover. Vicecanon Servyna will be eager to hear what happened in there."

The Dominion's Alchemist[edit]

After speaking with Kazdi:

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "Gerent Nuleem-Malem said I'd find you inside, but reported nothing of your Dominon prisoner."

Speak with her about the prisoner.

"I knew to expect you, but not one of Ruuvitar's soldiers. I take it she's your prisoner? You've interrogated her, yes?"
Kazdi helped me unseal Ruuvitar's defenses.
"You'll forgive me for not thanking one of Vicecanon Hrondar's murderers for turning her coat.
But the Khajiit is your prisoner. What would you do with her?"
I'm considering leniency.
"Clever. They'll consider Ruuvitar's experiments an extravagant waste of resources and focus their attention elsewhere.
I'll escort the Khajiit from the ruins and meet you inside the Inner Bailey. Ruuvitar won't see another sunrise."
"Then we'll take charge of the Khajiit. Guard, treat her as my personal ward. I'll allow no reprisals against her.
Once our soldiers take the entrance, we'll join you in the Inner Bailey. Ruuvitar can count his lifespan in minutes."
She's a turncoat who outlived her usefulness. Kill her.
"You wish her execution? I admit the thought pleases me, but vengeance often clouds reason. Are you certain she must die?"
Yes. Death to all traitors. [Kazdi dies]
"Then as a duly-appointed vicecanon, I authorize summary judgment upon a spy within our borders. Guard, prepare the Khajiit for execution.
Once this business is finished, I'll join you in the Inner Bailey. Ruuvitar will suffer a crueler fate."
I leave the decision to you, vicecanon.
"Guard, take charge of the Khajiit. Prepare her for interrogation. If she gives you any trouble, shave off her whiskers.
Once our soldiers push back the lamias, I'll join you in the hunt for Ruuvitar. The Hist guide you, friend."
Give me a moment to consider.
"Even now, Ruuvitar works to separate my people from the Hist. If you must consider what to do with the Khajiit, I urge you to do so quickly."

Speaking to her again after ending the conversation and deciding Kazdi's fate:

"Ruuvitar must be stopped. Are you ready to put an end to his plans, my friend?"
I'll go immediately.
"Wait. Should only one of us walk from these ruins, you must allow me to thank you on behalf of Shadowfen's citizens. Sithis guide your steps in the darkness, and refrain his embrace until you will it."

The Dream of the Hist[edit]

You must speak with the Vicecanon again to begin the quest.

"I must be sentimental in my old age. All this death weighs upon me like a second set of scales, yet there is more of it ahead.
Are you ready to show Ruuvitaar he cannot break the Pact?"
I'm ready.
"If you have the chance to capture him, we could put him on trial in Stormhold. Make him answer for all he's done.
But I'm happy to fit his head for a pike. As I believe Vicecanon Hrondar would say, "stab the Elf in his crumpets."
I'll stop Ruuvitar.

Speaking to her again:

"If you hurry, you may be able to take Ruuvitar by surprise. Any advantage we can get at this point is worth it."

After Ruuvitar is killed:

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "We should feed Ruuvitar to the wamasu. But for now, let's recover the Mnemic Egg."

She approaches the Egg.

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "Xuth! What has that monster done to the Mnemic Egg?"

You must speak with her.

"I'm almost afraid to touch the Mnemic Egg. Are we too late?"
What's wrong with it?
"You can't hear the noise? Piercing, like fleshflies roosting in your ears? And the smell, like … moss and alit hide, set aflame.
But we must remove it from these ruins, before the Dominion returns."
How can we move it?
"Did Ruuvitar remove your hands, then?
A joke, my friend. None shall touch the Mnemic Egg until I'm certain this isn't some kind of Dominion trap. Please, stand back."

She attempts to touch the Egg.

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "This will require all my concentration. Stay vigilant, yes?"
Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "I can hear the Mnemic Egg. Such ... rage!"

She then falls unconscious.

Speaking with her inside the dream:

You touched the Mnemic Egg, yes? Then our minds join within the Hist itself."
How do we escape?
"Hmm? Oh, I'm more concerned with the state of the Hist than our safety.
Don't you see? If we heal the damage to the Hist from within, perhaps the Mnemic Egg will recover from Ruuvitar's blasphemies."
How can we heal the Mnemic Egg?
"I suspect we find and remove whatever afflicts the Hist. I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea how.
Before your arrival, I found myself wracked with pain. Now, all is calm. The Hist's subtle way of indicating you should lead, yes?"
What are those plumes?
"They don't appear to be part of the Hist. Perhaps a vestige of Ruuvitar's experiments? If so, we should remove them, yes?"
Any thoughts? Is there some kind of trick to it?
"Possibly. Looks like we must get to the heart of the matter and leave no corner unexplored to solve it."

Solving the plume puzzle:

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "You've done it! Did you feel the air shift?"

She looks up at the large Argonian statue.

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "Hmm. There's something here, but I can't put my claw on it. No matter."

Traveling through the corridor:

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "It seems so real, doesn't it? You'd think we weren't in a dream."

Entering the chamber with the Hist-Brothers:

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "I recognize those nests, those houses. I've seen them in Shadowfen ... but where?"

Speaking to her in the room with the Hist-Brothers:

"That statue, those nests … are we within the Hist's memories? And those creatures … brothers to this Hist!
Something's wrong. The Hist-brothers seem agitated about these memories."
Something is wrong with the Hist's memories?
"These memories are … recent tragedies? The Hist-brothers don't understand the anguish, and fear the Hist must be full of rot.
Perhaps if you help the Hist-brothers understand the Hist's anguish, they won't need to cut it away."

After you absolve the issues with the Hist's memories, she will be ejected from the dream.

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "What's happening? Everything fades away!"
Voice of the Hist: "Small one, leave the rot-memory. Come to us and speak."

After you leave the Dream of the Hist, you will find yourself on The Ordinator's Revenge, a ship docked in Alten Corimont.

"Alive and kicking, I see. As for me, I feel a decade younger. Can you see the healthy shimmer to my scales?
You no doubt have questions. Please, ask. It's the least I can do after your help."
Why am I on a ship?
"After my soldiers retrieved us from the ruins, I was asked to bring the Mnemic Egg to the Pact. Hence, the ship. It soon departs Shadowfen for Skyrim.
Xuth, does your head hurt? Mine feels like an overused drum!"

Swamp to Snow[edit]

Continuing your conversation from the previous quest:

"Did you feel the Hist slip inside your mind? Such strangeness within in my head … thoughts I didn't think myself.
Listen to me, going on like I'm freshly hatched. And they call me a hero of the Pact!"
Will you deliver the Egg to the Pact?
"That's the plan. The meeting will take place in Skyrim instead of Mournhold. The Nord ruler has his own artifact to contribute to the moot.
Time to set sail for the land of ice and snow."
I'm going?
"Of course. Your presence is requested. That's what happens when you attract fame and fortune.
Unless you plan to run across the sea, I suggest you find the boatmaster."

Speaking to her again:

"While waiting to set sail is a thrill, please complete your business and let the captain know we're ready to go."
Point taken. I'll find the boatmaster.

When you've arrived at the Windhelm docks:

"Ah, Skyrim! It's been some time since I've seen its people ... and its snow."
What will you do now?
"I will enter the city and find a safe place to store the Egg. Then I will enjoy the celebration.
The Nords know how to keep the cold at bay. It's my favorite thing about them."

After the quest:

"I'm off to celebrate. Stay moist, friend."


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