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Titus Valerius
Home City Belkarth
Location Tent at the Bangkorai Gate (initially)
Star-Gazer's Observatory
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 60,370
116188 (Buried Sands)
39,959 (Observatory)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Warrior's Call
The Missing Guardian
Dawn of the Exalted Viper
Faction(s) Anka-Ra (defected)
Titus Valerius

Titus Valerius is an Imperial[nb 1] warrior who is initially found at the Bangkorai Gate in Craglorn. He was brought forward in time to help eliminate the threat of strange sand warriors that had been awakened in the southern Craglorn. Once you have progressed further in the story quest line, Titus can instead be seen at the Star-Gazer's Observatory.

Titus was originally an inhabitant of Cyrodiil, before he was discovered by Emperor Tarish-Zi and recruited as part of his Anka-Ra army during the First Era. Being informed that Tarish-Zi had plans to invade his homeland, Titus secretly conspired with the people of Hammerfell to overthrow him. The rebellion was crushed, but Tarish-Zi was frightened enough to give up his plans for invasion, and as an outsider Titus was not suspected of being involved in it. He then planned to leave Tarish-Zi's service, but fell in love with his future wife Larisa, who inspired him to continue fighting.

Related QuestsEdit


The Warrior's CallEdit

As you first approach him, he will yell out:

Titus Valerius: "Fools, the lot of you! It's the truth! Stendarr's mercy, when I get out of these binds..."

When you talk to him he will assume you are there to mock him:

"Another one, eh? Come to gawk at Titus the Mad?
Well, I'm not insane, no matter what you may have heard. And I might be your only hope to defeat the Anka-Ra."
The Anka-Ra? What are you talking about?
"The Anka-Ra. The cursed Yokudan army that has invaded Craglorn! They serve the Celestial Warrior, but their true master is their general, a man of unmatched cruelty named Tarish-Zi.
I can help defeat him and the Anka-Ra, if you'll only listen."
Who are you? How can you help?
"Call me Titus. It's a long story, but I'm familiar with Tarish-Zi and his army of Anka-Ra.
Centuries ago, they were part of the Ra Gada, the Yokudan invasion force that subdued and conquered Craglorn. But Tarish-Zi and his army were among the worst."
If the Anka-Ra are centuries old, how are they here now? Are they undead?
"Undead? Ha. These are no rotting draugr or mindless skeletons. But it's true. They can't hardly be called living, either.
Untie these bonds and help me stop them. I'll tell you what I can when I'm free."
Tell me why you were arrested first.
"It'd be an amusing story if the situation weren't so dire. An unseen force pulled me from my time into yours and dropped me in the midst of Dragonstar's grand melee―stark naked!
I won, naturally. Then the soldiers arrested me, just as naturally."
Fine. Hold still and I'll undo the bonds.
What do you mean by "your time?" Are you from the past?
"We're all from the past. I'm just from... farther past.
I can explain better what's going on if you free me and help me stop Tarish-Zi and the Anka-Ra. And maybe find me some clothes, as well."
All right. Hold still and I'll undo the binds. / Fine. Hold still and I'll undo the bonds.
"Thank you. You are a noble soul. Perhaps you'll actually believe my extraordinary tale when there is time to tell it.
But first, meet me at the cave called Buried Sands. If my suspicions are correct, we'll find something we need there."
<Untie the binds.>

After untying his binds, he will say:

Titus Valerius: "Ah, that'll be sore tomorrow. Let's get away from here before we're seen. I'll try to grab some proper clothes and a weapon. Meet me at the cave known as Buried Sands. There's something I have to retrieve there. I'll explain more when you arrive."
Titus retrieving his armor from the burial chamber

After arriving in Buried Sands:

Titus Valerius: "You made it. Good. There's an ancient burial chamber at the rear of this cave―that's where we need to go."
Titus Valerius: "Here it is. The entrance to the chamber. Follow me!"

After putting on his armor:

Titus Valerius: "Ah, much better."
Titus Valerius: "In my time, a great library existed in a place called Rahni'Za. If it's still there, the information we need could be inside. Think on what I've told you. If you decide to believe my tale, meet me at the library."

In the Ruined Library:

Titus Valerius: "The tome should be here somewhere. Tarish-Zi would have wanted everyone to know of his glorious deeds."
Titus Valerius: "Wait, that's it! Let me see that!"
Titus Valerius: "Good luck! I'll see you soon."
Titus fights Emperor Tarish-Zi

In the Tombs of the Na-Totambu:

Titus Valerius: "Ah, you made it. Good. And with the seals, too, I see. Then we're ready to proceed."
Titus Valerius: "The ward is magical in nature. As long as we have the three seals within its vicinity, the door should freely open to us."
Titus Valerius: "Follow me, but stay alert."
Titus Valerius: "Fate brought us forward together. We all heard the call to battle. Those poor souls you doomed to a cursed existence will be avenged!"

During the fight against Tarish-Zi:

Titus Valerius: "Did you think you could escape this fate, false emperor? Even across the aeons, I find you. And my blade is as sharp as ever, praise Akatosh!"

After Tarish-Zi is defeated:

Titus Valerius: "Oblivion take you, false emperor! And may scamps gnaw on your bones."
Titus Valerius: "Belkarth is as good a place as any to take respite after our victory. I'm sure you have more questions for me. Find me there if you wish to speak. And well fought!

The Missing GuardianEdit

Titus and Nazdura witness Hara disappear

In the Private Quarters of the Star-Gazer Observatory:

"Reinhold's Retreat. Is that truly what she said? I thought my ears had conspired to fill my mind with the foulest lies, but if you heard the same...
Perhaps I was meant to be here for reasons other than just stopping Tarish-Zi."
You've heard of Reinhold's Retreat?
"Another of Tarish-Zi's vainglorious projects. He desperately sought the place and the treasure it was rumored to contain.
It surprises me that one as young as Hara would know of it. Even in my time, it was barely more than myth."
Did you find it?
"We did. It didn't contain what Tarish-Zi hoped for. So he ordered it buried out of spite. It should be directly below us, if memory serves.
I noted some Nedic remnants jutting from a nearby lake. I'm certain they're part of Reinhold's Retreat."
How do we get inside?
"I'm not sure. Tarish-Zi had the place sealed and buried. The original entrance is unreachable.
Kelmen may be of some assistance to us there―if his courage holds. Let's regroup at the lake and see what we can discern."
"I'll find Kelmen and meet you at the lake. Nazdura, come. There's nothing more we can do for Hara here."

At the lake, he will say "It looks a hopeless task to me, but something makes me want to believe Hara would not have sent us here if she wasn't sure we could find whatever it is she needs us to see."

After you solved the puzzle:

Kelmen Locke : "There! In the center! A passage must have opened below the water!"
Titus Valerius : "Quickly, dive to the passageway! We'll follow behind you!"

As you approach the enemies inside the Reinhold's Retreat:

Titus Valerius: "On your guard, friends. Enemies lie in wait ahead. Scaled Court by the looks of them."

Enter the Star-Gazer Sanctuary and you'll hear:

Kelmen Locke : "There! The Apex Stone! What are they doing to it? Is this how they corrupt the stones and enslave the Guardians?"
Titus Valerius : "Look! It's Hara! Why would they have her here? We have to find a way to free her!"
Kelmen Locke : "How do we stop it?"
Titus fighting the Serpent's Corruption

Battle for a while, and he'll deduce:

Kelmen Locke : "These aetherial stones are linked. I see now! Split off and use them both before their power fades!"
Titus Valerius : "Quickly, before more arrive!"
Kelmen Locke : "Fascinating! She knew this place was protected by aetherial power! A trap set by a Thief for a … a thief."

Once the minions are defeated, the following will play out:

Titus Valerius : "Hah! We've done it!"
Kelmen Locke : "Why do I get the feeling this isn't over?"
Titus Valerius : "We will not fall here!"
Hara : "You always underestimated the will of the true heroes of this world, Malazar! Witness the foreshadowing of your doom!"
Hara : "These mortals will see to it that your chaos is undone. We will reunite the Guardians, and you will be banished once more!"

Defeat the final boss, and the surprise is revealed:

Kelmen Locke : "Could it really be…?"
Titus Valerius : "Hara… You? All along?"
Hara : "It had to be this way. But the time for deception is ended. Now is the time for action."

You can speak to Titus in the Star-Gazer Obsevatory, after the quest:

"Hara's deception was a clever one, even if it only stalled the Serpent for a time. We were all fooled.
I can't be angry. This means we actually stand a chance."
Tell me more about Tarish-Zi.
"Tarish-Zi was a member of a long ruling line of the Na-Totambu, and he helped conquer much of Hammerfell as part of the Ra Gada.
But while many of the invaders settled in the south, Tarish-Zi dreamed of still greater conquests."
Where did he go?
"With much of his family and those loyal to them, Tarish-Zi continued carving a path north through Hammerfell, eventually settling where we now stand. For a time he ruled justly in the way of tradition, building a new kingdom. That peace did not last."
What happened?
"What happens to any man, given enough power?
He began styling himself an "emperor" rather than only a king. He turned his armies against his allies. He even trekked outside of Hammerfell for a time, which is where he met me."
How did you come to serve as a member of Tarish-Zi's Royal Guard?
"I was adventuring in the highlands when I came across a cadre of Tarish-Zi's soldiers. I slew those that moved against me. The rest escaped quickly after. That night by the fire, a messenger approached and made me an offer I couldn't refuse."
What do you mean?
"Tarish-Zi took an interest in me after his soldiers returned with the tale. He sent the messenger to ask me to join his guard.
But the messenger confided the mad king's plans to invade my homeland. A course his own people opposed, but in secret."
So you helped the Yokudans?
"I worked to defend my home. That's all. The messenger was part of a movement that was stirring among the people.
As an outsider, I was above suspicion. Someone Tarish-Zi would not expect to covet his throne. Someone who could get close."
What happened next?
"The rebellion was crushed, but it put fear into Tarish-Zi. He gave up his dreams of invasion. And I remained blameless in his eyes.
I planned to leave his service―but then I met someone, a woman. She gave me a reason to continue the fight."
Who was she?
"How can I describe her to you? She is as fierce and brilliant as a freshly sharpened blade.
Her name would be meaningless to you, but I know she waits for me back where I belong. When this fight is over, I must find a way back. Somehow."
Can you explain how you moved through time?
"Heh, if only I could. I thought I'd gone mad. I did go mad.
Hara tells me that it was the Celestial Warrior who pulled me through time. I believe it, even if I don't understand how it's so."
It was the Celestial Warrior who pulled you here?
"The Star-Gazers have legends about those born under the sign of the Warrior and the connection they have with their patron―that he can call on them to fight for him.
Apparently time is a meager barrier for a Celestial."
And Tarish-Zi was summoned the same way?
"My guess is that the Serpent was somehow able to use the Warrior's power through him.
He likely learned of the cursed army of Anka-Ra resting below the sands and knew he could use them by calling to Tarish-Zi across time. We put an end to that."
But the Anka-Ra are still out there.
"Aye. Many were sent forth before we killed Tarish-Zi, and it seems clear that they will roam until put down.
Without their leader, we can take comfort knowing they won't be rallied into a proper army. I hope their souls find rest in the end."

Dawn of the Exalted ViperEdit

If you've accepted the quest from Anneke, he'll say:

"Ah, I see my message reached you. Have you encountered Kelmen in your travels by any chance?
The Thief reported a magical disturbance around Skyreach. Kelmen went in search of an old Mages Guild associate working in the area. He has yet to return."

Otherwise, he'll greet you directly:

"Friend, have you come across Kelmen in your travels?
The Thief reported a magical disturbance around Skyreach. Kelmen went to find an old Mages Guild associate he said was working in the area. He has yet to return."
No. I haven't seen Kelmen since the events in Lower Craglorn.
"Divines! If Kelmen and this mage of his are deep in their cups in Dragonstar ….
Well, it can't be helped and I can't wait any longer. The Thief prepares a ritual to locate the source of the disturbance, but we need another participant."
I can help with that.
"And once again you offer aid before I need to ask. Thank you.
Meet me at the Howling Sepulchers to the north. The ancient Nedes will regard us as intruders, so be wary. Perhaps we'll even run into Kelmen along the way."
I'll meet you at the Howling Sepulchers.
"The Thief needs to perform the ritual at a site within the Howling Sepulchers. Go north and follow the path into the hills to the cave we seek.
Just stay alert. Undead Nedes patrol the place and they have no regard for visitors—living or dead."

You can then ask him some questions:

What have you been up to since the last time I saw you?
"You mean besides helping the Thief deal with Scaled Court cultists and Iron Orc ruffians? Not much.
I've been keeping company with Kelmen, learning what I can about this age. And, when I can, I try to find a way to return to my own time."
You want to return to your own time?
"Wouldn't you? I miss the familiar sights and sounds. The people I know and love. The places that hold meaning to me. This time is … not mine.
But you don't want to hear an old soldier complain. We have work to do!"
Tell me about this magical disturbance the Thief detected.
"I don't understand all the intricacies of magic, but she seemed genuinely concerned. It had something to do with Aetherial energy. I remember her mentioning that quite often.
But other than that, I just know that the disturbance is bad."
Does it have anything to do with the Serpent?
"Doesn't every ill wind blowing through Craglorn originate in the Serpent's deceitful maw?
nI got the impression that the Thief suspected the Scaled Court's involvement, but she never really gave us specifics."
So you have no idea what kind of disturbance we might be dealing with?
"Of course I do! It's a … bad … magical … disturbance ….
Why are you asking me all these foolish questions? Let's just get to the Howling Sepulcher and then you can pester the Thief with your need to know the whys and wherefores of it all."
Who did Kelmen go to meet again?
"When the Thief mentioned the disturbance emanating from the ruins of Skyreach, it seemed to spark a memory in Kelmen. He claimed that a colleague from his days in the Mages Guild was working in the area."
Did Kelmen mention a name?
"No. He was rather vague, come to think of it. I got the impression that it was someone he was close to in the past, but more than that I cannot say.
He grabbed his pack, said he'd return shortly, and headed out to find his mysterious friend."
Could this friend be involved in the magical disturbance somehow?
"Knowing Kelmen's history, I suppose that's a distinct possibility. I just hope he hasn't gone and gotten himself into some kind of trouble again.
Well, there's nothing to be done about it now. Let's go meet the Thief and see what she can learn."

Once you're entered the Howling Sepulchers:

"The Thief waits for us in the Sanctum of Farsight. That's where she must perform the ritual to locate the source of the magical disturbance.
Go through the door to the left, then follow the river to the right. The Sanctum waits at the river's end."

As you proceed into the delve:

"There's a door around the corner, to the left. That should take us to the Sanctum of Farsight."

After you enter the door:

"Follow the river to the right. It flows directly past the entrance to the Sanctum."
Titus observing the farsight vision

Once you've entered the Sanctum, Titus will offer to help the Thief with the farsight ritual:

Titus Valerius: "Hold a moment, my lady. Let me assist you."
The Thief: "Light the fires on the six pedestals. The flames will not burn long, so be quick!"

If you talk to him:

"Set the six pedestals ablaze. Once the fires burn, the Thief can finish the ritual."

If you attempt to speak to him during the vision:

"Not now! I want to watch this."

After witnessing the vision of Kemlen's death, Titus will rush forward, attempting to help his friend:

"Kelmen! No!"

Speak to him after and he will swear vengeance against Cassipia:

"Kelmen should have never confronted her alone. This Cassipia must pay for the blood spilled today!"

If you talk to him after speaking to the Thief:

"I can't join you for this. One of us needs to return to Belkarth and prepare the city's defenses.
You and the Thief … avenge Kelmen and stop this mad viper. For all our sakes."

The Time-Lost WarriorEdit

Titus can be found kneeling by a small lake just outside the Howling Sepulchers. He will be upset when you try to approach him.

"Now is not the time, my friend. I mean you no ill will, but if you don't leave me to my thoughts I will draw steel against you. I came here to remember her. I have to remember her. I've lost everything else. I can't lose her as well."
What's happening to you?
"What's happening to me? I'm fading away! I remember everything since I arrived in this time perfectly. But memories from my time? Memories of who I really am? They slip through my fingers like sand in an hourglass!"
Why did you come to this desolate place?
"I came here to try to hold on to the memory of my wife, but the realization of her death … it's almost too much to bear!"
If you return to your time, will your memories come back?
"More questions concerning magic? Do I look like a mage to you? I once was proud that the Warrior had chosen me, but now that honor hangs over my head like a curse. I can't even hear the Warrior's call any more. Please, friend, just leave me be."

If you talk to him again:

"I have the faintest sense that the Warrior is nearby, but I can't see his face or hear his voice. What's happening to me?
Will my skills disappear along with my memories? Has the Warrior truly abandoned me? Bah! Leave me to my grief!"

If you talk to him after you spoke to the Warrior:

"Perhaps the time has come to find one last battle to fight. I'd rather face a warrior's death while I still have some sense of who I am."
Titus at his wife's grave

Once War-Sworn is retrieved, return to Titus:

"It's good to see you again before the end, my friend. I was just saying one last farewell to my wife before I depart to find my final battle."
If you plan to go battle, take this blade. The Warrior wants you to wield it.
"This is a magnificent blade! I can feel its energy. It calls to me, just as the Warrior once did. It feels right. As though I was meant to have it. Well then, in friendship, I hope you will accept my old blade. Something to remember me by."

Your reward is a two-handed sword named Riven Hourglass, Sword of Titus Valerius. After completing the quest, the Warrior will appear to Titus and return him to the First Era.

The Celestial Warrior: "Take up my blade, Titus Valerius. You have earned it. Let its might flow through you and remind you who and what you are—a warrior true!"
Titus Valerius: "I feel stronger. My memories return! Celestial Warrior, hear me! I have done all you have demanded. I have served faithfully. Now, please, send me home."
The Celestial Warrior: "You are my champion, Titus, in whom I am well pleased. Hold tightly to the blade. It will travel with you and serve you well in your own time."
Titus Valerius: "My comrades! My friends. Never have I fought beside more noble heroes. This may be farewell, but I will not forget you. Fight on, and never let your values falter. With you, I know the future is in capable hands."
Titus Valerius: "Larisa … beloved. My part in this war is over. I'm coming home."
The Celestial Warrior: "Do not fear. The story of Titus Valerius recounts one of the greatest warriors to ever walk the surface of Tamriel. His achievements echo even into the future. Perhaps the same will be true of you."

Titus then glows blue and disappears into a portal back to his time.



  • While he is following you during The Warrior's Call, other players will see him as an Imperial Sellsword.
  • 1.  Though there were many Nedes living in Craglorn at the time Titus was alive, his more modern name and armor would suggest that he was an early proto-Imperial. Since he was from around the "highlands" and called Cyrodiil his homeland, combined with the fact that Nedic slaves were not given last names by their Ayleid masters and that Nedic culture was described as already fading, it would seem that the inhabitants of Cyrodiil had already become Imperials and the native inhabitants of Craglorn were still Nedes.