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Deliver a lost relic to the temple in Markarth.
Zone: The Reach
Quest Giver: Letter from Ansdurran
Location(s): Bthardamz, Druadach Redoubt
Reward: Leggings of the Quick Fox
Low Leveled gold
XP Gain: Very Low
ID: 6598
Retrieve the relic from Ansdurran's backpack
I came across the body of Ansdurran. He apparently died after stealing a sacred relic of Hircine bound for a shrine in Markarth.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While walking near Bthardamz or Druadach Redoubt, you may come across the corpse of Ansdurran. Read the letter next to him to begin the quest. Apparently, Ansdurran is a thief, and he's recently stolen a relic from someone named Apprentice Layren, who meant to take the object to High Shaman Glynroch in Markarth. Ansdurran killed Layren, who wounded the thief before she died. Ansdurran was going to take the relic to a drop-off site somewhere near Druadach Redoubt, but he died before he could complete his task.

Take the Symbol of Gulibeg from Ansdurran's backpack and travel to Markarth. At the Markarth Wayshrine, head north and climb up the stairs to the Shrine of the Hunt-Father. Speak with the High Shaman, give him the relic and inform him of his apprentice's fate. He thanks you for returning the relic, and gives you a reward.

Quest StagesEdit

The Symbol of Gulibeg
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should read the note next to the body.
Objective: Examine the Letter to Ansdurran
According to the note I found, Ansdurran stole a sacred relic that was supposed to be delivered to High Shaman Glynroch in Markarth. I should pick up the relic and take it to him.
Objective: Retrieve the Symbol of Gulibeg
I retrieved the sacred relic. I should take it to the shrine in Markarth and let High Shaman Glynroch know what happened to his apprentice.
Objective: Find High Shaman Glynroch
I found High Shaman Glynroch in Markarth. I should deliver the sacred relic to him and tell him that Apprentice Layren is dead.
Objective: Talk to High Shaman Glynroch
☑Finishes quest I should talk to High Shaman Glynroch and see if there's a reward for returning the sacred relic.
Objective: Talk to High Shaman Glynroch