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ID 1649
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Skill Blacksmithing
Collection Skill Books
Found in the following locations:
The Book of Circles: Forging Maxims
Proverbs on the creation and use of swords

In the clay smelter you shall build a charcoal fire, of a heat to blacken teeth.

You shall add a layer of iron-sand upon the charcoal.

After six yarbans you shall add a layer of charcoal atop the iron.

You shall repeat this process, layering iron-sand over charcoal, for three days.

After cooling, you shall separate the low-carbon steel from the high-carbon steel.

You shall use the low-carbon steel to form the core of the sword.

You shall use the high-carbon steel to form the skin of the sword.

You shall forge-weld, fold, and forge-weld anselim the skin of the sword, until it attains its needful kotu-ajcea.

You shall sharpen the sword-skin until it may shave an egg without breaking it.

You shall speak the Oblation to Onsi, then drink of the Purifying Beverage of Kotu.

Then, anselim.