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Thane Fellrig
Home Settlement The Everfull Flagon
Location Thane's Lair
Race Dremora Gender Male
Health 39959 (In disguise)
133844 (In Lair)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Varies
Daedra Hearts
Thane Fellrig

Thane Fellrig is a Dremora posing as a Nord thane in the Everfull Flagon, a cursed tavern in Coldharbour. A servant of Molag Bal, Fellrig originally tricked the innkeeper Bernt the Brittle and now serves as the tavern's guardian, ensuring the patrons can never leave. You will need to kill him to free the patrons souls.

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The Everfull FlagonEdit

When you first enter the Everfull Flagon, he will welcome you and insist you have a drink.

"Welcome to the Everfull Flagon, friend. Have a mead. The first one is always on the house!"
You seem pretty tall, even for a Nord.
"That's because I drink mead! You should, too. Our Special Blend will put hair on your chest and make you strong.
Anyway, have some mead or take a walk. We're having a party here and I'd hate to have you spoil the mood."

After talking with Nelhilda he will continue to attempt to charm you.

"Join in, relax. It's just mead. Laughter and good times are always on tap here at the Everfull Flagon."
You seem pretty tall, even for a Nord. (Repeats reply from above.)

Once you have added Nelhilda's potion to the mead casks, Fellrig will be suspicious of you.

"You are interfering. The fate of the old tavern keeper and his patrons is none of your concern."
You seem pretty tall, even for a Nord. (Repeats reply from above.)

When you return to the tavern after finding Hautt's lute and Hridi's daggers the sober patrons will be confronting Thane Fellrig.

The thane is revealed as an imposter
Romord: "You knocked down an old man!"
Solding: "I've had just about enough of this."
Thane Fellrig: "I think everyone needs a drink. How about some more mead!"
Romord: "We don't want any more [sic] mead! get out of here!"
<Thane Fellrig drops the disguise.>
Thane Fellrig: "Your souls are mine! You may as well drink up and accept your fate."
Varhilda: "Shor's bones! We've been deceived!"
Thane Fellrig: "I want to hear you beg or I'll cut off the supply of Special Blend!"
<He teleports away.>
Romord: "Where did he go? What just happened here?"

Thane's LairEdit

Thane Fellrig in his lair

The Dremora can be tracked down to his lair through a trapdoor in the village ruins. He will be guarding the large crystal which contains the tavern patrons' souls. When he notices you he will charge while shouting:

Thane Fellrig: "Ignorant blood sack! I'll have your skull as a drinking cup."

He fights with a battleaxe and uses the following abilities:

Quick Strike
Basic melee attack which does Physical Damage
blockable power attack

Once Fellrig is dead, you can free the souls.