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Home Settlement The Everfull Flagon
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Varhilda is a Nord patron of the Everfull Flagon. After the terrible truth of the Special Blend is exposed, she can be found asleep on one of the beds upstairs.


The Everfull FlagonEdit

When you first enter the tavern, Varhilda will be with Solding and Hautt Silvertongue. If you speak with her, she will say one of the following:

"I want to dance! Do you want to dance? I want to spin around and around! Let's dance!"
"So he said, do you want to see my sword? And I said, no not really. And he said, but it's a nice sword. And I said....
Wait. Who are you again?"
"Have you tried the Special Blend? I can't stop drinking it!"
"I never get to meet anyone new and exciting. Just the same old faces every day, day in and day out. It's so depressing! Why won't some hero wander in and sweep me off my feet and take me away?
But no one new ever comes to Everfull Flagon."
"Mead makes me so sleepy. I think I need a nap."
"I thought about going for a walk. But then I thought, it's dark outside. And cold. And there's no mead out there. Mead.
What was I talking about?"
"I'm going to stop drinking this mead. Soon. Very soon.
One of these days."
This is some party!
"It certainly is! Best party ever! And this place serves the best mead.
But you really ought to talk to Brent. I mean Berd. No, that's not right. Bernt! Talk to Bernt!"

When you return to the tavern after finding Hautt's lute and Hridi's daggers the sober patrons will be confronting Thane Fellrig.

The thane is revealed as an imposter
Romord: "You knocked down an old man!"
Solding: "I've had just about enough of this."
Thane Fellrig: "I think everyone needs a drink. How about some more mead!"
Romord: "We don't want any more [sic] mead! get out of here!"
<Thane Fellrig drops the disguise.>
Thane Fellrig: "Your souls are mine! You may as well drink up and accept your fate."
Varhilda: "Shor's bones! We've been deceived!"
Thane Fellrig: "I want to hear you beg or I'll cut off the supply of Special Blend!"
<He teleports away.>
Romord: "Where did he go? What just happened here?"

Afterwards, Varhilda will be sobering up and will say one of the following:

"I wish I could remember how we got here."
"I can't tell the difference between enchanted mead or not enchanted mead. I guess I need to drink some more."
"What a great party! We need to do that again real soon!"
"My head feels like a dozen mammoths are dancing inside it. Why did I drink so much mead?"
"I have vague memories of drinking. A lot.
I hope I didn't do anything silly."
"Oh, my aching head!"


  • If you had Nelhilda forgive Bernt at the end of Special Blend, Varhilda will be the only patron to remain in the Everfull Flagon if you return there later.