Online: People
Home Settlement Fort Amol
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Steady-Hand is an Argonian hunter who can be found across the river from Fort Amol.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you approach his group of friends, the following exchange will occur between him, Fjar and Vurila:

Steady-Hand: "If you want to try again, Fjar, you only need to ask."
Fjar Moonstrike: "Why? So you can embarrass me again, lizard? I don't think so."
Vurila Llethan: "It can be done. Don't give up yet."
Fjar Moonstrike: "You cheated, Vurila! Sharp, pointy arrows aren't good enough for Dark Elves! You had to make your arrows explode!"
Vurila Llethan: "Why do you care what arrows I used? The lizard didn't care, and it's his challenge."

Speak to him and he'll offer you a challenge:

"People claim many things. Some claim to be the best gamblers. Others the best lovers.
Me? I'm the best hunter you'll ever meet. No question about it. I've never lost a hunting competition. Not a one."
You never competed against me.
"Ha! Confidence and swagger! I like that.
Well, let's see you beat my record. Even Eastmarch's best hunter over there couldn't catch that many rabbits in under a minute. But I'll make it easy for you. One rabbit keeps eluding me. Nab it and you win."
A few rabbits in one minute, or one specific rabbit and I win?
"Those are the rules. The one rabbit. He's quick. I call him Golden Jack. You nab him, you win.
Grab the bow by the river and let me know when you're ready to start."
You've got a deal.
"Let me know when you're ready. Vurila will start counting."
Any tips on nabbing Golden Jack?
"If I knew how to get that damn rabbit, don't you think I would have caught him by now?"
You must have some ideas.
"He's too quick. You can't line up a shot. Vurila almost got him, but it wasn't on purpose. Those exploding arrows of hers. She fired at something else and almost caught Golden Jack in the blast."

Acquire the bow (and maybe Vurila's arrows) then return to Hand:

Anything I should know before I start?
"Only kills made with the hunting bow count. Kills with any other weapon are disqualified.
You have exactly one minute to nab the appropriate number of rabbits or to snag Golden Jack. Do either of those and you win."
Sounds simple enough. I'm ready.
"Your time starts … now!"

Speak to him during the challenge and he'll say:

"Time's slipping away, friend. If you want to beat my record you need to get out there with that bow.
Talking to me isn't going to help you catch rabbits."

If you lose, he'll gloat:

"Good try. Not enough to beat me, but good try."
I want to try again.
"Try all you want. You'll never beat my record.
But knock yourself out. Let me know when you're ready."
I'm ready.

Kill Golden Jack and he'll exclaim:

"What the …? What just happened?"
Golden Jack is dead. I win.
"Exploding arrows? They really worked? That's cheating! I knew I should have disqualified them when I had the chance.
A bet's a bet, though. Take your winnings and go gloat somewhere else."

Complete the quest and you'll hear:

Fjar Moonstrike: "How's it feel to lose, lizard?"
Steady-Hand: "Shut it, scaleless one. I'm still a better hunter than you."

Speak to him again and he'll say:

"Luck. Pure luck. Happens once in a while. Don't let it go to your head."