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"Where would the smugglers of Tamriel be without convenient caves for concealing contraband cargo? I can't conceive."—Cirantille
Smuggler's Den
Visited Sacrament: Smuggler's Den
Quest Chain
Dark Brotherhood
Smuggler's Den

Smuggler's Den is a hidden base that serves as a sacrament location. You'll be taken here by Speaker Terenus during the related quest. Inside the den you will meet one of the following groups of enemies - Dragonstar Caravan Company caravaneers, Imperial University scholars or Kwama Miners.

Possible sacrament targets are Abizzaka, Borcholim, Brunka, Bur-Waska, Daynil Uveleth, Eslendore, Geon Alinie, and Savilian Colus.

The note that will appear depends on the faction inside the dungeon: Kwama Miner's Note, Dragonstar Caravan Company Note, or Imperial University Note.

It is possible for Lucky, the pet of one of the targets, to appear here as part of the conditions for a sacrament. Particularly, if Speaker Terenus asks you to murder Lucky.

Related Quests[edit]


Smuggler's Den
Smuggler's Den hidden rooms
Target locations; skulls are sacrament targets, purple scrolls are optional objectives


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