Online: People
Location East of Stillrise Village
Race Kothringi Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Sienna is a Kothringi scout watching the road east of Stillrise Village for necromancers.

Related QuestsEdit


"Walk softly, friend. Worm Cult necromancers infest these swamps."
Worm Cult necromancers?
"They've harassed Stillrise Village for days. I don't know why, but Chieftain Suhlak should. Her wisdom saw us through rough times."
I'll speak with your chieftain.

Speaking after accepting the quest from her:

"I'm sorry, I need to watch the road for Worm Cultists. Chieftain Suhlak can answer your questions.
And thank you for stopping. We don't get many visitors."

Captive SoulsEdit

"Quiet! I think I hear something!"
What did you hear?
"I heard sounds of battle, and a voice shouting for someone named Daeril to run. The Worm Cult likely attacked some unlucky travelers.
My advice? Find this Daeril before the Worm Cult adds him to their collection of undead slaves."
I'll find him.

Speaking after accepting the quest from her:

"The fighting in the Worm Cult camp died down, but I'm hearing screams."