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Home City Elden Root
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Shelad is a Khajiit found in the city of Elden Root. He cannot be directly interacted with. However, his interaction as part of Raynorien's tour of the city can be overheard.


Raynorien: Now, as I'm sure you've all noticed, the Elden Tree is impressively tall. Equally impressive is that King Camoran Aeradan's throne lies in the tallest branches of the tree.
Elwintinar: Excuse me. Is it really at the top? If so, how would one get up there to meet with him?
Raynorien: The trunk has three landings within it. The topmost one takes you to the king's throne. The climb is worth it, I assure you!
Raynorien: Additionally, Elden Root has many of its labor facilities, homes, and other elements of the community suspended within the Elden Tree's branches. Isn't that exciting?
Elwintinar: On the branches? Is that safe? Is it easy to stumble off of those areas?
Raynorien: Well ... yes. That's why you must watch your step while on the platforms!
Raynorien: Of course, Elden Root has a significant presence of both the Fighters and Mages Guilds. We have sizable halls for both within the tree.
Shelad: Within the tree? How would one find them? The tree is so large.
Raynorien: They're easy to find! The trunk has three landings within it, and the middle landing—the one with the shrine—will have passageways to both guildhalls.
Raynorien: As you may have encountered, all throughout Valenwood live the spinners—the most faithful devotees of Y'ffre, our most important god.
Tunsanti: How would this one know a spinner apart from the other Bosmer? Not to sound rude, but this one has trouble telling Elves apart.
Raynorien: There are three around you now! Look for the Bosmer sitting in scenic places, for they will not move without being moved. All that Spinners should ever do is tell stories, according to Y'ffre.