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Seneschal Andras
Home City Evermore
Location Evermore Castle
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Seneschal Andras is a Breton noble found in the Evermore Castle. He is the seneschal of the house of Evermore and despite the bleak situation, he is doing his best to keep morale up.

Related Quests[edit]


"Hail, traveler! Welcome to Evermore——Bangkorai's jewel of joy and plenty!"
I didn't see much joy on the streets.
"Nonsense! Perhaps it's the weather keeping our citizens indoors. Yes, of course——the weather.
Why not rest at our legendary inn for a time? Or sample the oceans's bounty at our famous waterfront?"
I think you might want to take a walk around town.
"I...oh, what's the use. Yes, our city is beset by starvation, ill-omens, and despair.
What am I supposed to do about it, tear my hair and rend my garments? Would that make you happy?"
I'm just looking for honest answers.
"You think that would help? The Reachmen are pillaging our towns and farms. Our citizens are desperate for food and reinforcements. Can you bring us some?"
No. Perhaps I can find another way to help.
"Other than harassing me, you mean? Good. See that you do.
Now I must find a way to keep morale up so the populace doesn't panic."

After Imperial Infiltration is completed and Queen Arzhela has retaken the throne, Andras will be in a much better mood.

"Hail, traveler! Welcome to Evermore——Bangkorai's jewel of joy and plenty!"
Has the mood of the town improved?
"Yes, indeed! Every heart soars now that the rightful queen has resumed the throne.
You have my deepest gratitude. Our city is resilient. We will thrive in time. I know it."

Report to Evermore[edit]


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