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Help the sentry captain ensure the walls of Jorunn's Stand are secure.
Zone: Eastmarch
Quest Giver: Ula-Reen
Location(s): Jorunn's Stand
Reward: Shell Slicer
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
Light the watchfires
The sentry captain, Ula-Reen, keeps the camp secure. She asked me to help.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Ula-Reen.
  2. Light the watchfires at the south and east gates.
  3. Report to Ula-Reen.
  4. Defeat the Orcthane's spymaster and recover his orders.
  5. Defeat the Orcthane's shaman and recover her orders.
  6. Return to Ula-Reen.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You will find the captain of security, Ula-Reen, mulling to herself in the middle of Jorunn's Stand. Speaking with her reveals that she needs someone to light the watchfires near the east and south gates. These watchfires keep the Stormfists from advancing. The light also discourages their assassins and spies. While you deal with the fires, Ula-Reen is going to investigate a report she's received.

Light the Torch Ula-Reen gives you in a nearby campfire, then head towards the watchfires. There are four fires in total, each outside the military camp's walls. Once the watchfires are lit, head back towards Ula-Reen to check in. She's pleased that the fires have been lit.

"What news do you bring?"
The watchfires are lit.
"Well done! While you were gone, another task has presented itself. A task more suited to your talents.
I learned that the Orcthane's troops are establishing a camp in the woods to the south. They need to be discouraged."
What do you need me to do?
"Fildgor's spymaster, Ramorgol, leads the effort. I want him stopped. And I want whatever orders he carries.
I'll send my scout to help you. After you deal with the spymaster, my scout has information on a second target I want you to take care of."
I'll get the orders for you.

You have been tasked with taking Speaks-with-Blades along with you on a mission to kill Spymaster Ramorgol. Ramorgol is located outside the front gate of the camp and to the west, in the area with all the wolves. Once he's dead and you've retrieved Spymaster Ramorgol's Orders, Speaks-with-Blades will pipe up. Talk to him.

"That was a good fight!"
What's next?
"The Captain wants us to eliminate Shaman Moramat. She's powerful and she's responsible for many Pact deaths. The Captain also wants whatever orders Moramat carries.
Removing the shaman would be good for morale—especially mine."
Where do we find the shaman?
"Reports indicate that she's just east of here, setting up another camp.
I think the Orcthane is really trying to box us in."

Shaman Moramat is located east from where you killed the spymaster, not far from Bitterblade's Camp. You will need to collect Shaman Moramat's Orders, and to do so, you'll need to kill her. Once the shaman is dead, Speaks-with-Blades will leave your side, and you will be left to return to Ula-Reen and give her the Stormfists' orders.

"Were the Orcthane's agents dealt with?"
We eliminate the Orcthane's spymaster and shaman.
"Let me see their orders. Yes, yes. Very interesting. This is excellent work. Excellent!
The King, his son, and the other Pact leaders can safely focus on dealing with Orcthane Fildgor now, thanks to you."

Ula-Reen will be very pleased with how you've helped her, and will reward you in kind.

Quest StagesEdit

Security Details
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Ula-Reen asked me to light the watchfires at the south and east gates. I need to light the torch she gave me first, though. That campfire over there should do the trick.
Objective: Light the Torch
I need to light the watchfires near the south and east gates to Jorunn's Stand. Ula-Reen says it keeps the Stormfist troops from sneaking too close to the walls of the fort.
Objective: Light the South and East Gate Watchfires: 0/4
Hidden Objective: Light First South Gate Fire
Hidden Objective: Light Second South Gate Fire
Hidden Objective: Light First East Gate Fire
Hidden Objective: Light Second East Gate Fire
I should let Ula-Reen know that the watchfires are lit.
Objective: Talk to Ula-Reen
Ula-Reen discovered that the Orcthane is setting up additional camps to the south. Spymaster Ramorgol leads these efforts and must be eliminated. One of her scouts will accompany me.
Objective: Kill Spymaster Ramorgol and Recover Orders
Hidden Objective: Kill Spymaster Ramorgol
The Argonian scout has additional orders from Ula-Reen. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Scout Speaks-with-Blades
Shaman Moramat is next on Ula-Reen's hit list. I need to bring her down and recover any orders she might be carrying.
Objective: Kill Shaman Moramat and Recover Orders
Hidden Objective: Kill Shaman Moramat
☑Finishes quest I eliminated the Orcthane's spymaster and shaman and retrieved their orders. I should report back to Captain Ula-Reen and let her know her security issues have been dealt with.
Objective: Talk to Ula-Reen
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