This article is about the Assault skill. For the Redguard skill formerly called "Vigor", see Exhilaration. For the Bosmer skill formerly called "Vigor", see Y'ffre's Endurance.

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ON-icon-skill-Assault-Vigor.png Vigor
Line Assault
Line Rank 2 Cost 2984 Stamina
Cast Time Instant Duration 8 seconds
Target Area
Area 8 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Assault-Echoing Vigor.png Echoing Vigor
Increases the radius. Increases the duration as the ability ranks up.
ON-icon-skill-Assault-Resolving Vigor.png Resolving Vigor
The heal over time now happens faster over a shorter duration and heals for more, but only targets yourself.
Vigor: Let loose a battle cry, instilling yourself and nearby allies with resolve and healing them for [4511 / 4546 / 4598 / 4654] Health over 8 seconds.
Echoing Vigor: Duration: [8 / 8.7 / 9.3 / 10] seconds, Radius: 15 meters.
Let loose a battle cry, instilling you and your allies with resolve and healing for 4660 Health over [8 / 8.7 / 9.3 / 10] seconds.
Resolving Vigor: Duration: 4 seconds, Target: Self.
Let loose a battle cry, instilling yourself with resolve and healing for [6449 / 6515 / 6601 / 6667] Health over 4 seconds.

Vigor restores the Health of you and your allies over time for 5 seconds. The Echoing Vigor morph increases the radius of effect, while Resolving Vigor increases the effect on the caster.


  • This ability was added in Update 6, and required Assault Rank 10 to unlock. It was moved to Rank 5 in Update 7, and to Rank 2 in Update 27.
  • You must play at least the siege engine tutorials in order to unlock the skill, as your starting rank in the skill line is not enough to gain access to it.

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