Online:Rena (Redguard)

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Location Duneripper Downs
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Rena's Three-Toed Skink

Rena is a Redguard providing lizards for the races taking place at Duneripper Downs.

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A Winner for OnwynEdit

Arrive at Duneripper Downs and you'll find Rena there, with her lizards.

"Come to admire my lizards?
All my little babies are highly trained. You should see Hiram do a trick!"

If you have agreed to help Onwyn, you can tell her:

I'm looking for a racing lizard.
"Neeneban in Sentinel sells good lizards. And Hatiha near Bergama has sold a few good racers.
Unfortunately, I only carry one lizard suited for racing—a three-toed skink. He's not fast enough to be a winner, but you never know!"
I'll take a three-toed skink.
"Excellent! Remember, he's not the fastest of the bunch. But maybe in the right hands he'll do well."
Maybe I can trade him for a lizard in Sentinel or Bergama then.
"If you plan to enter your lizard in a race, you'll need to put it in a starting cage."
Do you have anything that could help my lizard?
"I offer a nutritious snack that gives any lizard more energy for their upcoming race.
It's no guarantee, but it'll increase your chances of being a winner!"
All right. I'll buy some. [led GoldLeveled Gold Gold] / Well, I'll buy that lizard snack for my racer. [led GoldLeveled Gold Gold]
"I'll feed it to your lizard before you go. It can get a little messy.
There, all done! He's bright-eyed and ready to run!"
I think I'll go buy a lizard in Sentinel or Bergama then. / No thanks. I'll go buy a lizard in Sentinel or Bergama then. (Ends conversation)
Why don't you allow your other lizards to race? / Why don't you enter your own lizards to race?
"To teach Onwyn a lesson! He claims to know all about lizards and running a race track.
He knows no more about either than I do about flying! But together, we could make this the best track around, if he cuts me a deal."
What makes a good racing lizard?
"A lizard needs to be light, but muscular. Their shape can affect their speed, as can their diet.
I've got something for the latter, if you're interested."
So you don't want this track to succeed?
"I do want this track to succeed, but Onwyn has to admit I know what I'm doing, too."

Speaking to her again before you select a lizard:

"I have many wonderful lizards to choose from.
Were you looking for something in particular?"
I'm looking for a racing lizard. (Same dialogue options)
Where else can I find racing lizards?
"You could start with Neeneban in Sentinel, or Hatiha near Bergama. They've both sold racers.
They'll trade you for one of mine, too, if you ask nicely."

If you race her skink and lose, then talk to Rena, she'll say:

"Back so soon?
I still have many terrific lizards to choose from. Were you looking for something specific?"
Why didn't I win?
"Don't feel bad! Could have been the sand's too hot, or too cold.
If you've done everything right, best just to try again."
Can I try the race again?
"Of course! You just need your lizard back ….
And here he comes now. They can't resist that musk, I tell you! Good luck with your next race!"
Where else can I find a racing lizard?
"You'll find few collectors around Alik'r. It's just not the sport it used to be.
Neeneban in Sentinel, and Hatiha in Bergama both sell a few good racers."

If you have a winning lizard in the race, she'll say:

"Was your lizard the fast one?
I've never seen a lizard move that quickly!"

Speak to her after the quest and she'll say:

"I trust your lizard is still well. Please let it know I asked after it!"
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