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Location Alik'r Desert; Bergama, Kozanset, Lost City of the Na-Totambu, Sentinel
Greenshade; Marbruk, Shrouded Hollow
Shadowfen, Deshaan, Razak's Wheel
Grahtwood; Haven, Root Sunder Ruins
Malabal Tor; Hoarvor Pit, Redfur Trading Post, Shael Ruins, Vulkwasten, Woodhearth
Stros M'Kai; Port Hunding
MurkmireMurkmire, BlackwoodBlackwood
Species Lizard
Health 1
Reaction Passive
A brown lizard

Lizards are small passive reptilian animals that drop guts when killed. Dark brown lizards can be seen basking in the sun in desert areas, and green lizards can be found in various tropical locations. The term "lizard" is also a common slur for Argonians.

Unique LizardsEdit



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