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Outlaws Refuge:
Mournhold Outlaws Refuge
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Ilanadzeh the Fence: "This one does not understand: how could a hive of illegal activity continue to thrive under the very noses of the divine Tribunal?" Eldyme, smiling: "How, indeed?"
Mournhold Outlaws Refuge

Mournhold Outlaws Refuge is an outlaws refuge beneath Mournhold.

Second entrance at Dres Farmhouse

It is an abandoned ancestral crypt. One of the trap doors that provide access to the hideout can be found to the southeast of the Tribunal Temple, behind Nuril's Home. Another entrance is located on the southern outskirts of the city, behind Dres Farmhouse at the House Dres Farmstead.

Hideout in a crypt

A note to customers, Quit Asking, can be read at the fences' booth. Zagrugh's corpse lies on the ground to the right of the southern staircase, beneath a mushroom next to the wall. A journal, found close by the body, may shed some light on the cause of his death.

The Fences are located in the northwest corner, on the platform with the cooking fire. The guild kiosk lies in the southwest corner. The Shadowy Supplier lingers in the center of the refuge, the moneylender lies in the northeast corner, and the general goods store is in the southeast corner.




A map of Mournhold Outlaws Refuge