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Collection Lore of Murkmire
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On the Ghost People
A traveler's notes on the Ghost People tribe of Murkmire

Our new Argonian guide, Olik-Jaa, is just as frustrating as the last one who led us hither and yon through this dank swamp. I've urged him to take us along the most direct route to our destination, but he remains infuriatingly obstinate. Apparently, my desired route takes us straight through the heart of Veeskhleel territory, and that's somewhere he dares not trespass. I swear, everyday it's some new haunted cave, or sacred mud-flat, or hallowed grove of trees. It's a wonder anyone can go anywhere in this Eight-forsaken place.

These Veeskhleel, are quaintly known as the Ghost People. Pale bogies that snatch the soggy corpses littering this festering cesspit of a place and bury them at their sacred tree, or some such. Sounds like these charming folks are just tidying up, but Olik-Jaa claims they can keep you from "returning to the Hist." Since I have no interest in these trees, it's no concern of mine, but I'm at the mercy of my guide and he seems to think that's worse than trekking leagues out of our way to go around. I know better than to strike out on my own. Not after last time.