HomeĀ Settlement Riverhold
Race Alfiq Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Nirahni is an Alfiq living in Riverhold who can be found to the east of the Temple of the Purifying Moons, in the garden behind the Banished Regrets Inn.


"Once Nirahni traveled to Grahtwood, just across the border. It was only a matter of days before some Wood Elves tried to eat her ā€¦ even after this one began to speak.
So now she stays in Elsweyr."
"Unsurprisingly, the Alfiq are often disrespected outside of Elsweyr.
Here, everyone knows that we are just as clever as any other Khajiit. But outside of these lands? Well, there is a reason the Alfiq do not travel."
"An Imperial once tried to stroke this one while she slept in the sun. Thought Nirahni was someone's pet!
Let us just say he left Riverhold with less flesh than when he entered."