Home City Sentinel
Location Sisters of the Sands Inn
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Nesrin is a Redguard and one of the owners of the Sisters of the Sands Inn in Sentinel. She is found on the upper level.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Nesrin will greet you in a friendly manner:

"I hope you're enjoying your stay at the Sisters of the Sand.
Please be sure to let Rudabeh know if you have any problems!"

Once you have a package for her on behalf of Ildani, you can reply to her with the code phrase.

Alik'r is so hot. I'd rather be elsewhere.
"At last! My patrons were getting anxious. I take it you have a package for me?"
Yes, here it is.
"Wonderful. It's just the thing to take the edge off this heat. Rudabeh likes to take credit for the success of the inn.
I'm guessing my little service is what really keeps them coming back!"

After the quest, her greeting to you will depend on whether you turned the delivery into a sting operation on behalf of the guards or not.

Helped Ildani:
Assisted Sergeant Azad:
"That last package arrived just in time.
We had a few unruly guests who, let's just say, no longer have a care in the world."
"Been a lot more guards around than usual. I hope our business hasn't gone awry."