Home City Sentinel
Location Fighters Guild
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Baandari

Ildani is a Baandari Khajiit who has an exciting business opportunity for you in the city of Sentinel. She can be found on top of the Fighters Guild building.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

As you first approach Ildani you may hear her mutter, "Now is the time. Ildani must act fast." Her greeting will depend on whether you have dealt with the Ra-Netu at the Sentinel Docks or not.

Completed Risen From the Depths:
"The dead have returned to the sea, yes?
Ildani's moment is slipping away quickly, moment for a good opportunity. Are you interested in a good opportunity?"
What kind of opportunity?
"Great chaos down at the docks, yes? An army of dead rises from the sea and storms the shore ….
Can be very dangerous, or can be a good opportunity? You are interested in opportunity, yes?"
What kind of opportunity?
"The kind that would help fatten Ildani's purse, yours too.
This one sailed into Sentinel docks before the dead. Guards don't stop the dead, but they stopped Ildani. Locked this one in chains!"
Why did they lock you up?
"Where there are wants, Ildani provides, but the Sentinel guards don't approve. They seized this one's wares!
Ildani is free now, but needs her wares back. With all the chaos on the docks, now is the best moment to strike. You will help, yes?"
I might be able to help.
"Guards are holding Ildani's wares in the customs house on the hill overlooking the docks.
If you help Ildani recover them, it will be worth your time. The Baandari take good care of their friends."

You can then ask her some questions before leaving.

What kind of "wares" are we talking about?
"Ah! Laws in Alik'r are so strict. So many things are banned but should not be. The Baandari specialize in wares like this.
No cause to complain though. Can be very profitable for us, if you help."
[Persuade] If I'm going to help, I need to know the specifics.
"No problem. You've heard of skooma, yes? Makes people happy, and harmless as long as it's made properly ….
The Baandari sell only the best skooma. Probably, that's why the guards have taken it—for themselves."
Who are the Baandari?
"Baandari are very special tribe of Khajiit. We lost our homeland many generations ago, so now we travel, not just in Elsweyr, but all over Tamriel.
We sell exotic goods you cannot find anywhere else. Ildani brings Baandari wares to Sentinel."
How did you escape being locked up?
"Haha! Ildani knows well how to slip out of metal bracelets.
Among the Baandari, the Ja'khajiits learn this before they learn to lace their boots!"

While retrieving the goods, you can either continue to follow Ildani's plan or tell Sergeant Azad the truth, who will then use you in a sting operation. Either way, once you have her wares you can find Ildani between the Customs House and the nearby stables.

"Did you find Ildani's wares? This one was worried that the guards might sniff our plan out."
I retrieved the goods you wanted.
"Ah! You do spotless work, walker. Now the goods must be delivered though.
Ildani worries that the guards might be looking for her, but risks can sometimes be fun, yes?"
I could deliver the goods for you.
"Ah, you are so kind! You think Ildani is sleek, yes?
Sorry. No sweetmeat for you, but Ildani will reward if you deliver wares to buyers: a servant at the inn, an apprentice at the smithy, and an alchemist at the market."
Then I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.
"Slow down! Why walk away from Ildani now? When she needs you so much?
You said you would help Ildani, yes? Well, Ildani still needs help delivering her goods. You will deliver the goods for her, yes?"
All right. I guess I can help, but you'll owe me.
[Duplicate of "I could deliver the goods for you."]
How will I know I'm speaking to the right person?
"We use a code. Just say, "Alik'r is so hot. I'd rather be elsewhere."
After you've delivered the goods, meet me on the bridge in the center of the city."
I'll deliver the goods and meet you there.
Ildani will be captured by Azad if you double-cross her

Once you have delivered the goods, you can head to the meeting spot. What you find there will depend on your previous choice. If you decided to double-cross Ildani, she will be tied up and furious, while Sergeant Azad stands nearby.

"Unclawed traitor! Ildani never should have trusted you!
You betrayed this one. The Baandari will know. They will not forget."

If you stuck with her plan, she will be waiting for you on the main bridge in the city.

"Good to see you looking healthy and light on your feet, walker. Did your deliveries go smoothly?
Ildani takes your presence here as a good sign."
Yes, I delivered all the packages.
"Very good. This one knows you wanted something more … personal, but Ildani cannot oblige.
She did promise reward though, and like you, walker, Ildani delivers."

You will be paid some gold for your work. Talking with her afterwards:

"Your advances are sweet, walker.
Maybe we will cross paths again in the next life and things will be different."