Home City Port Hunding
Location The Screaming Mermaid, Sisters of the Sands Inn
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Nasmat is a Redguard who is initially found in the Screaming Mermaid in Port Hunding. She is a fan of Jakarn and will join Captain Kaleen's crew with Elethien. After traveling around the Covenant, she can be found working at the Sisters of the Sands Inn, in Sentinel. She tells you that she runs the inn with her cousin.


Stros M'KaiEdit

Approach Jakarn's spot in the Screaming Mermaid, you'll find Nasmat among his "court". Speak to her and she'll tell you:

"Jakarn's gorgeous. He could rob me any time."

After completing the quests on Stros M'Kai, you'll find her back on board The Spearhead:

"Blade's edge, we're setting sail with the famous Jakarn!
Elethian and I have a bet on who's going to bed him first."


Prior to the quests on Betnikh, she can be found crouching behind a wall:

"Giving Irien the slip wasn't easy. He said he would be right over.
I wonder if she caught him? I'd pay to see that argument."

Post Betnikh, Nasmat can be found on the docks:

"Well, I guess our little tryst is off for the time being. I'll head back to the ship as soon as Irien's not looking.
That woman has nails like a duneripper."


"The irony is delicious. You could cut it with a knife. Or anything else, for that matter."


Can be found in the Cloudy Dregs Inn along with Elethien:

"Fancy meeting you here. Glad to see you doing well. This is a class above the Screaming Mermaid, I'll give it that."


"Welcome to the Sisters of the Sand! Enjoy your stay, and let me know if you need anything."
Nasmat? You're working here?
"Ha! Didn't I mention my cousin owned this place? Perhaps it slipped my mind. Elethien and I have been to every tavern in the Covenant, and a few beside. It was time for a rest.
You should see the man Elethien's taken up with. Quite a charmer."