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Online:Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal

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Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal
Home Settlement Stonewastes
Location In a cave southwest of Withered Root
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal

Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal is an Argonian mage who can be initially found in a cave east of Stonewastes. He is one of the Four Winds, a legendary group of warriors which roam and protect the people within the swamp. He is also considered to be bad-tempered and arrogant.

Related QuestsEdit


Speaking with him in his home before and after the related quest:

"You have no business being here. Leave."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Rising WindsEdit

After you and Nuxul pass Elossi, the Sudden Gust's test. She will tell you where to find Meer-Ta though she warns he won't be friendly. When you enter his home within the cave, he will be muttering to himself about some runes:

Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal: "These runes … like nothing I've seen. Perhaps more in the ruins …."

Interrupt Meer-Ta's work and talk to him about helping with Sharp-Eyes problem in Stonewastes:

"Do these runes have the same derivation? Maybe if I replace … wait … what? Who are you? Why are you interrupting me? Leave here immediately!
Arg … you brought that dusty blacksmith from the village. You must need something."
Bandits threaten the Stonewastes. Satul-Sa is dead. We request your help.
"That sounds like a whole bunch of not my business! Can't you see I am busy with my studies here? I don't have time to involve myself in the toils of others.
Satul-Sa brought this on herself. Had she any sense of reason, she'd be alive."
The village needs you. They'll be overrun without aid.
"Was I not clear? Have nixads stolen my tongue? I said begone!
Whatever their troubles are, I'm sure it looks much worse to you than it really is. My work, however, could change history. Go!"
At least tell us where to find Otumi-Ra.
"Khah-khah-khah! You're seeking help from that drunken lout? You'd be better off on your own than with him. But if it gets you out of my scales, you can find him on the southwest edge of the forest, near the cliffside. I trust you'll be disappointed."
We'll look for Otumi-Ra.

Speaking with him again, he will dismiss you:

"I'll be surprised if you get anything from Otumi-Ra aside from the stench of spirits. Now go. I gave you what you want. And, I have things to do that are actually important."

After meeting with Otumi-Ra and beating his drinking challenge, he will ask you to hang up his banner on top of the cliff so Meer-Ta will see it. He means to goad the mage into acting. And it seems to work as you, meet with Meer-Ta once more within the Stonewastes Keep. He will be standing in front of a glowing wall full of weapons and calls you over:

Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal: "Ah, finally you show. Voss, I have need of you."

Speak with Meer-Ta to see what he needs:

"Perhaps you are surprised to see me here ahead of you? Meer-Ta has many secret abilities that baffle the unlearned. But, you reached this far on your own, so I am impressed.
I would ask your assistance in my attempts to clean out our guests."
I thought you weren't joining us?
"Oh, please. You knew I would show the moment you placed that banner. Did you really think I'd let Otumi-Ra revel in all the glory by himself? Rubbish. He knows that he's useless without me here."
What are you doing?
"I think I know how Naxhosa killed Satul-Sa. Do you see these weapons? Some mammal-licker enchanted them.
With these, a handful of limp-fins could fell the strongest of warriors. This is how they killed Satul-Sa, and mean to kill the other Winds."
How can we stop them?
"We destroy them, of course! But I need the binding word for the enchantment.
I refuse to leave these weapons alone, so you need to retrieve it. There's a library of sorts just to the east. Search through the books in there, and you should find it."

Speaking with him again before checking the library:

"These beasts passing as Argonians stumbled into some powerful magic here. And of course, their only thought is thievery. Gah!
Go, find the Binding Word. Bring it here so we can undo the only clever thing these creatures have managed."
Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal: "Look for a scroll that was recently man-handled by brutes."

In the nearby library you will find the Binding Word on a desk, pick it up and bring it back to Meer-Ta.

"I should have come down here more often when I lived in the village. These tomes are out-of-date, certainly. But an interesting history.
Well, I suppose we're in a battle and shouldn't delay. Did you find the Binding Word?"
Yes, here. I believe this is it.
"Ah, astute! There is hope for you yet. I'll make sure these weapons trouble us no more. Now we can land the final blow, and the Warlord won't have a counter."
What do you suggest?
"Destroy that banner, and the pretend warlord's followers will scatter like plague rats. I would see to it myself, but some of these books are fascinating.
hey will go well in my research library."

With the scroll in hand, Meer-Ta breaks the enchantments:

Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal: "Now then, let me see what I can do with these."
<There is a flash of fire and the wall of enchanted weapons is smokey and charcoal-covered.>

Speaking to him afterwards:[verification needed — see talk page]

"This group is nothing but ants on the bark of a great Hist. Breaking them won't be difficult at all."

After you have defeated Warlord Naxhosa and burnt his War Banner, the Sharp-Eyes will scatter and you can return to Stonewastes. Among the people waiting and celebrating, Meer-Ta will be with the other Winds:

"Ah, it's you. I see you made it through relatively unscathed. And you managed to follow my instructions—twice. I saw the banner burn.
Quite the accomplishment for someone who consistently puts themselves on death's threshold."
This was once your life not too long ago.
"Such an upstart bog dog. You know nothing of the journey of Meer-Ta. Yes, I did face death on a frequent basis. But you have seen my power. Nothing can stand tall before me.
Also … I had companionship back then. We fought for peace. It was good."
What will you do now?
"Without delay I will return to my studies. Now that I know the library within the ruins holds treasures, I expect to spend many days there.
However, perhaps I should renew my bonds with the other Winds. And train someone new. The peace must be kept."

Pyre of AmbitionEdit

If you have previously completed the Rising Winds quest, you can recruit the Winds to help you at Fort Redmane to defend the Four Ambitons and defeat the Waking Flame forces. Meer-Ta can be found with Elossi and Otumi-Ra at the camp outside Fort Redmane:

"I, the Zephyr Eternal, stand with you against these creatures. They shall tremble in the face of my cunning!"

Heroes of BlackwoodEdit

Among the guests attending the celebrations in Gideon, Otumi-Ra will be there along with his fellow Winds and Nuxul:

"I had no plans to leave my cavern, where the magic of the eternal flow. But I had to see this celebration for myself.
It seems I made a wise decision. The drinks here taste more refined than Otumi-Ra's bug-water. Perhaps I may learn the recipe."

Ambition's EndEdit

As you near the final confrontation with Mehrunes Dagon, Lyranth will gather a number of your allies you encountered in Blackwood. If you helped Meer-Ta, he'll be among the troops:

"I suppose the others will offer encouragement and words of wisdom before we charge into the fray. Feh. You do not require such pablum.
Keep your mind sharp, like when you assisted my victory against Naxhosa. That is the truest weapon you need."
Have you kept busy since the battle of Stonewastes?
"Feh. You call that a battle? Merely pest removal. If you had witnessed my battle against Kasa-Eidu the Mud-Hearted, you would understand a true struggle of wits.
As you might expect, I returned to my studies. I cannot waste time before my time ends."
Do you expect to die soon?
"Soon? Not in the least. Even this little scuffle we are about to enter does not worry me.
But eventually my scales shall turn gray, as all things must. The sheer volume of knowledge I desire to understand before then staggers me. And so I study."

Hope Springs EternalEdit

Meer-Ta in Leyawiin Castle

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle:

"I once read in a First Era tome that even the smallest flea might inspire the tallest Hist. You have inspired me in much the same way.
I do not offer gratitude all that often, as you may know. But … the other Winds ask that I say thank you."
What are your plans now?
"Elossi finally convinced us to take on students—replacements to carry the tradition of the Winds. They will need a great deal more training before they can match my … our greatness. But knowing they will be out there pleases me."