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Matriarch Runa
Location Rink of Frozen Blood, Maelstrom Arena
Species Giant
Health Normal348,261Veteran791,497 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Matriarch Runa

Matriarch Runa is a giantess found in the Maelstrom Arena. She acts as the final boss of the fifth arena, the Rink of Frozen Blood. If she isn't killed quickly enough, she will begin to smash the three ice platforms (and can't be interrupted like the Troll Breakers).

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Iceberg Calving
Matiarch Runa takes a slight few seconds to charge up and then smash the iceberg beneath her (summons a Leimenid Oracle), dealing a medium amount of damage if you are near it.


  • "Gara go yara ar!"
  • "Yagra!"
  • "Yorag gara!"
  • "Yara ar yorag!"
  • "Aga yor yar!"
  • "Aga yara yor!"



  • Her dialogue is in an unknown language, presumably Giantish.
  • When Wrothgar was previewed at QuakeCon, it was implied that giantesses would be found in the wilderness. When it was released, Runa was the only giantess in-game (with Matriarch Aldis being added much later). As of yet, there is no generic Giantess in the game.
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