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Margot Oscent
Home Settlement Koeglin Village
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Margot Oscent

Margot Oscent is a Breton found in Koeglin Village. She is worried about the safety of her son Lucas who has recently gone missing.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

She will wandering around the southern outskirts of the village, looking for her son.

"My poor little baby … all alone out there ….
If you're leaving the village, if you could please look out for my son. With these slavers about, I'm afraid something terrible has happened."
When did you last see him?
"Breakfast. I made his favorite—biscuits and jam. Then he went out to play ….
That good-for-nothing deputy won't even go look for him, but the slavers could have shipped Lucas off to Morrowind by now!"
Why won't the deputy help?
"He says that securing the town comes first, but the town seems perfectly secure to me!
Someone has to help my baby!"
Don't worry. I'll find him.
"If you find Lucas, I'll be eternally grateful. He's just an innocent boy.
In a minute, I'll have to go get dinner ready, but I'm going to keep his plate warm."
Any idea which way he went?
"Sometimes he goes fishing on the beach just south of the village … he wears his little boots ….
Oh, my poor little boy. Please find him. You have to."

After you find her little boy tied up in one of tents at the Slaver camp and free him, you can return to Margot with the good news. She will be standing outside their home with Lucas and her husband beside her.

"You did it. You even got him home in time for dinner.
It weighs heavily on a mother's heart to worry about her son. I can't thank you enough."
I'm glad I could help.
"I'll never forget what you've done for us.
I hope someday my little Lucas grows up to be like you."

Speaking to her again after the quest:

"My family is whole again thanks to you.
You'll have to excuse me though. I need to go get Lucas ready for bed."