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Lord Felipe
Home City Gonfalon Bay
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Lord Felipe

Lord Felipe is a Breton noble who can be found near the palace in Gonfalon Bay during the quest Avarice of the Eldertide.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When spoken to, he'll say:

"This is terrible, just terrible! I've been dispossessed of property my family has owned for generations, and no one seems able to punish the druids responsible!
Please tell me you've been hired to take care of my Eldertide troubles?"
I took the job. Tell me what's going on.
"My family owns the mineral rights to a remote site on Amenos. A few months back, I hired a scryer to study its mining potential. She sensed strange stones there that seemed to amplify earth-magic. But the Eldertide Circle was watching us."
What did they do?
"Two Eldertide theurges moved in. They claimed the isle's geodes rightly belonged to druids, and started reshaping the land with their magic to bring them up.
They drove off my people. And they've killed anyone trespassing on the site since."

If you speak to him again, he'll say:

"Well met, adventurer. If you're here to put a stop to those crazed Eldertide druids plundering my land, you have my earnest wishes for your success."

After defeating the Druids but before going back to Parisse:

"Did you deal with those mad druids? Ha, well done! Report back to the broker. She's holding your payment for the job."