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Keeper Cirion
Location The Banished Cells I
The Banished Cells II
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health Normal(?)Veteran(?)
Reaction Friendly
Keeper Cirion

Keeper Cirion is an Altmer and a member of the group tasked with keeping High Kinlord Rilis' spirit inside The Banished Cells. At some point after defeating Rilis, they form a pact with High Kinlord Rilis, and serve as a boss of The Banished Cells II.

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Banishing the BanishedEdit

He can be first encountered at the entrance to the Cells, fighting off banekin.

"Well met. I thank you for the assistance, but this place is teeming with Daedra.
You should leave if you value your life."
Who are you?
"I am Keeper Cirion, warden of the Banished Cells.
The Daedra have helped my prisoner, High Kinglord Rilix XII, to escape his prison. Rilis is an immortal phantom who wields powerful magic—you should return to the surface and warn Tamriel."
I can help you.
"You're serious? I have mentioned the swarms of Daedra have I not?
There are ... if you're willing to risk your life, there are other Keepers who may need help. I imagine the High Kinlord sent more against us than the Banekin who harangued me."
I will find the other keepers.

Before heading off to find the missing Keepers, Cirion can be asked additional questions about the situation.

"Three of my comrades remain somewhere in these halls.
They serve as Keepers under me, sworn to guard the High Kinlord's prison for as long as they are able. Find them ... and help them if they live."
Tell me more. Where are the Keepers, exactly?
"I have … not seen them since the Daedra attacked.
Areldur is the closest, and if she lives, you'll find her up ahead."
I'll look for Areldur.
Tell me about High Kinlord Rilis.
"The tale is well known in these parts. In his youth, High Kinlord Rilis was a hero, instrumental in bringing order to this region.
However, Rilis' thirst for power, which drove him to perform great feats, was his undoing."
What is this place?
"In ages past, the vilest of my people were interned here as punishment.
Today, the Banished Cells contain a sole prisoner, High Kinlord Rilis XII. Rilis is long dead, but his Daedric pact sustains him, and a prisoner he remained, until today."

Once the Cell Haunter is killed, Keeper Areldur will be freed from her bonds and the following conversation with occur.

Cirion: "Areldur! You live!"
Areldur: "I do, though I've seen better days. The High Kinlord's power has grown. He would not have been able to escape our predecessors as he has escaped us today. We need to go after him."
Cirion: "Stay down, Keeper, you're injured. If the others yet live, we should find them—then deal with Rilis, if we can. He has already escaped. I will not suffer further dishonor by losing lives to him."
Areldur: "You're ever the optimist. An Altmer should not fear the end, Cirion. I would give the lives of all four of us to stop Rilis. The High Kinlord will rend Tamriel apart if he gets to the surface. And it will be our fault."
Cirion: "There is a difference between fearing death and throwing your life away, Areldur. As long as I lead the Keepers, you will do neither. If the others live, we'll find them."

After Cirion has spoken with the rescued Areldur, he can be spoken with.

"You've helped more than I could have hoped, stranger. Areldur will survive this."
What do we do now?
"Areldur would like nothing more than to confront Rilis now, but we're not ready.
The High Kinlord can't be killed—our only course is to capture him, but we'll need a sturdier prison than we've ever had before."
What do you need from me?
"Areldur and I will think on a plan to deal with the High Kinlord. Defeating Rilis is pointless if we can't hold him.
In the meantime, the area up ahead is under Keeper Voranil's jurisdiction. Even if he lives, he'll need your help."
I'l look for Voranil.

Once the Daedra imprisoning Keeper Voranil has been killed, Areldur will run up to him and check his injuries.

Cirion: "It's Voranil! Areldur, see to him."
Areldur: "By the Empyrean Light! Let's hope he lives."
Cirion: "Has he been slain?"
Areldur: "He's not the model of well-being, but he lives. Are you satisfied, Cirion? I'm eager to pursue the High Kinlord."
Cirion: "Patience, Areldur. I need you to heal him. And Imiril is still unaccounted for. We'll need her to face Rilis."

Keeper Cirion can then be spoken with to find out what to do next.

"There's one Keeper left, and I worry for her. Imiril guards the area closest to Rilis' prison. The two have a … strained rapport.
Of all of us, the High Kinlord would bear the fiercest grudge against Imiril. The sooner you find her, the better."
Where is Imiril?
"She is in the deepest part of the Banished Cells.
I have conceived the beginnings of a spell to handle Rilis, and we'll need Imiril if it's going to succeed."
I'll look for Imiril. (Ends conversation)
What's the plan?
"There isn't one—yet. I still have details to work out.
Just find Imiril, and we may be able to turn this against Rilis."

Once Areldur is freed:

Areldur: "Over there, Voranil! We've found her."
Voranil: "I see her. Let's hope she lives. We'll need her before the day is done."
Areldur: "She's going to be fine, with a little restoration magic. We should be considering how to handle the High Kinlord."
Voranil: "Even if we defeat him, how do we contain him? He's already escaped once."
"If we could control Daedric magic perhaps this wouldn't have happened. What do you think, Cirion? Fight fire with fire?"
Cirion: "Stay your tongue, Voranil. You insult your lineage my even thinking it. Does the High Kindlord's fate appeal to you so?
We will go with my plan and divide his essence among us. He can't escape his prison if he's not whole."

Keeper Cirion can be asked for details on his plan to deal with High Kinlord Rilis.

"We're fortunate no one has perished, but I fear my Keepers have grown desperate and cowardly. Did you hear Voranil's remark? Use Daedric power? Sacrilegious.
We need to get Rilis back in his prison before my Keepers do something they'll regret."
How can I help contain Rilis?
"Before he escaped, we kept Rilis' soul encased in a single binding stone passed down by the Keepers. For ages it was his prison.
We're going to put him back, but this time, he's going in pieces."
What do you mean?
"It's not as macabre as it sounds. He has no body; I speak of his soul.
The Keepers will siphon his essence into not one, but four binding stones to keep his power divided. He'll hardly be conscious in that state, let alone able to summon Daedra."
What do you need from me?
"You have the most difficult task of all.
I need you to find Rilis and defeat him, if you can."
Very well. I'll face the High Kinlord.
Tell me about High Kinlord Rilis. (Copy of above)
What is this place? (Copy of above)

If you speak with him again at this moment, his opening dialogue differs but you can ask him precisely the same questions as above.

"We need to attract Rilis' attention, and retaking the binding stone that was his prison is sure to alert him. It's just up ahead.
Mount an assault to secure the stone and he's sure to make an appearance. Defeat Rilis, and we will contain him."

After High Kinlord Rilis' body has been destroyed, his spirit will project itself from his crystal to taunt the keepers.

Rilis: "You think you've beaten me? How amusing. Haven't you noticed that the pact I've made protects me from death?"
Cirion: "Ignore his words, Keepers. Begin the preparations."
Voranil: "I'm not confident this will work, Cirion!"
Rilis: "Ha ha ha! What are you lot doing? Oh, I do so love to see magic. Is that what this is? This isn't as grand as the spells I learn from the Daedra, but I don't expect much from mortal Altmer. Remember, children—you'll never keep me here of your own accord. Not when the Daedra fight for me. Perhaps you'd fare better if you had Daedra on your side! Ha ha ha!"
Cirion: "His madness nears delirium. Ignore him, Keepers. Bind the High Kinlord!"
<The Keepers started the ritual, channeling Rilis' powers away from him. The High Kinlord is engulfed in a beam of golden light, he flails about but still mocks them.
Rilis: "Oh, my. It looks like you've won. Old Rilis' days of freedom are over, it seems."
<Rilis' spirit disappears.>
Imiril: "I thought you said this bastard wouldn't be able to speak."
Cirion: "He shouldn't be able to achieve coherent thought. We'll have to watch him carefully."

Once Rilis' essence has been split between the four keepers, Keeper Cirion can be spoken with.

"The prison's not perfect—yet. But we have time, and Rilis isn't going anywhere."
Will your new prison hold him?
"I'll make sure of it. Thanks to you, Rilis will never see Tamriel again. The situation would be dire had he escaped to the surface."

Otherwise, he will thank you, saying,

"You have been a boon to us. We Keepers would have failed our people if it weren't for you.
We'll have to continue to refine Rilis' prison, but even the Daedra should have trouble breaking him free from four binding stones."

The PlanEdit

Once you enter the dungeon, you'll hear the following exchange between Cirion and High Kinlord Rilis:

High Kinlord Rilis: "Poor Cirion. You don't want to play with your fellow Keepers?"
Keeper Cirion: "They are not Keepers. Not any longer."
High Kinlord Rilis: "They selected an intelligent course of action. What better way to keep rickety old Rilis in check than a few Daedra? Ha ha ha!"
Keeper Cirion: "I will find a way to silence you, Rilis. You've become too dangerous to imprison."
High Kinlord Rilis: "If you want to silence me, you'll need power like mine. Daedric magic. What is there to fear?"
High Kinlord Rilis: "I was a mere Kinlord. You are a Keeper. Surely you can resist corruption where I fell."
Keeper Cirion: "Stop!"
High Kinlord Rilis: "Your oath is to keep me imprisoned, Keeper. What does it matter how you do it?"
Keeper Cirion: "Be silent."
High Kinlord Rilis: "You could accomplish so much. The enemies of Auridon brought low by the power of the Keepers."
Keeper Cirion: "Were that I could lay my hands on you and choke the life out of you all over again."

Following this scene, you can speak to Cirion, his dialogue will differ depending on whether you completed Banishing the Banished beforehand. If you met him before, he will recognize you.

"You've returned!
I hope you have fared better in your travels than I. For a moment I imagined you were a Daedric illusion. Rilis and his Daedric thrall have been a menace to me."
I'm not.


"And who in Oblivion are you? Some Daedric illusion?"
I'm not.
"Every moment, the spirit of High Kinlord Rilis jeers and plays tricks on me.
He haunts these walls—and I am his Keeper, his warden. The only one left. Rilis has swayed the other Keepers to his side, and plans to attack Tamriel from his prison."
I can help. What can we do about this?
"You are a hardened lot. Very well, I have a gamble in mind. We do what Rilis wants and disable the stones that bind his soul to this prison.
He will then enter this plane, where we can slay him. Though, he could do the same to us. Can I rely on you?"
I'll deactivate those stones.

He can then be asked more questions.

"Three of the binding stones are up ahead. Each Keeper defends a stone, so be prepared to face them.
And be wary of Rilis. He will no doubt attempt to … speak with you. I will prepare for a direct battle with him and meet you at the fourth stone."
Tell me more about High Kinlord Rilis.
"The spirit of Rilis XII is imprisoned here. He was a madman, and the crimes he committed were such that, upon death, his son sealed his spirit here.
Rilis' magic was so powerful that the prince would not risk that death would stop his father."
If Rilis is so dangerous, why free him?
"To truly defeat him, we must slay him on Nirn. Otherwise, he will persist forever.
And the fact that he has enthralled the Keepers has proven we can no longer risk his presence. In any form."
How did he come to be mad?
"Many in the Rilis family have fallen to madness. It strikes at different points in their lives, but it seems inevitable.
The Daedra sometimes play a part, as they did with Rilis XII, but I suspect something more. It could be in their blood."
Who are the Keepers?
"We are wardens of the Banished Cells, sworn to stand watch on Rilis XII. Our lives are tied to this place.
Each Keeper was once a champion of Auridon, with titles, friends, and family. Now there is only our post. My friends have abandoned theirs."
What happened to the other Keepers?
"Not long ago, Rilis attempted to escape. We fought him, and though we contained him, he nearly won.
Afterwards, the Keepers turned to the same Daedric magic that Rilis used to match his strength."

If you finished Banished Cells I:

"As you remember, Rilis attempted to escape. Though we contained him, he would have won, had you not been with us.
Afterwards, the Keepers turned to the same Daedric magic that Rilis used to match his strength."
What happened then?
"I warned them against their folly, and I did not partake in the pacts they made with the Daedra they contacted.
But they are enthralled now, and they serve Rilis. They will protect the binding stones with their lives, so be ready for a fight."

You meet with Keeper Cirion again once the three binding stones have deactivated. He will call out to you from the chamber where Rilis' spirit was imprisoned.

Keeper Cirion: "To me, my friends!"
"You've made it through alive. The other Keepers must be dead, then. A part of me wishes it were not so."
I've deactivated the three binding stones.
Our task to eliminate the High Kinlord Rilis is the only one that remains. And Rilis will need a mortal host to enter Nirn."
What does that mean?
"I will serve as Rilis' host. His spirit will take over my body. But he will be bound to my mortality. If I—we—are killed, Rilis will die."
[Intimidate] If you expect me to volunteer, you're going to have a fight on your hands.
"I would not entrust this task to an outsider. I will play host to the High Kinlord. His spirit will take over my body, but he will be bound by my mortality.
If I—we—are killed, Rilis will die. From there, it's straight to Oblivion for him."
Let's face him.
"Wait till I am in position.
The you must undo the final binding stone. He will emerge, and you will do battle. Fight well—you fight for all of Tamriel."
Keeper Cirion: "Hold nothing back. I break my oath as Keeper to see Rilis finished, and if he escapes, all of Tamriel will pay for our folly."
<The binding crystal is broken and the daedric High Kinlord Rilis emerges, merging his spirit with Cirion's body.>
High Kindlord Rilis: "I've wanted this for so very long. Now get out of the way. All of Tamriel will learn I am free when I set the land ablaze."

Once High Kinlord Rilis is killed for good, you can approach his body.

<Cirion's body lies motionless.>
<Check for signs of life.
<Cirion's body is unnaturally cold. It appears his gamble was successful. High Kinlord Rilis is defeated at last, leaving both dead.>
<Step Away.>
Cirion's spirit standing over his body

The spirits of the other keepers will appear.

Keeper Imiril: "On your feet, Keeper."
Keeper Cirion: "Imiril? My fellow Keepers? You are free? Did I succeed?"
Keeper Voranil: "Thanks to you, the Keeper's Oath is fulfilled."
Keeper Areldur: "We are free from Daedric corruption. We should have heeded your warnings."
Keeper Cirion: "I remember …."
'Keeper Cirion: "Where is Rilis?"
Keeper Areldur: "Banished from this realm. With hope, all the way to Oblivion."
Keeper Voranil: "Your sacrifice ensures he will never return."
Keeper Cirion: "What happens now?"
Keeper Imiril: "We can lay our burdens down. Say your goodbys to those who aided us. You'll be leaving them, soon."

The others keepers walk into a portal of light, and Keeper Cirion remains.

Keeper Cirion: "Thank you, my friends. For everything."
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