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Home Settlement Wittestadr
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Vampire

Imhey is an Argonian vampire found in the town of Wittestdar.

Related Quests[edit]


As you approach her location, you'll hear the following exchange:

Imhey: "Stay away from me, you monster!"
Valeric: "Damn it, woman! You need to come with me now! The sun hurts me more than you know. We need to get inside!"

She won't speak to you, but after speaking to Valeric, you'll hear:

Valeric: "Time to go, Scales. We need to make sure you don't turn into one of these creatures."
Imhey: "What are you doing? No! Don't let him take me!"

At Valeric's Manor, she'll finally speak to you:

"Let me out of here! Please. This isn't right!"
"You're killing me! You gave me to these creatures and they're going to use me as food. Why would you do such a thing?"
Have they harmed you?
"Of course not! Who harms their dinner before they feast?"
"I'm sure they're going to be very good to me. At least until supper time."