For the Greymoor achievement, see Hunting the Hunters (achievement).

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Prove your strength by hunting down killers in the Predator Mesa.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Sarazi
Location(s): Predator Mesa
Reward: Athlete's Treads
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 6313
Hunt the hunters on their home turf
A vain Khajiit named Sarazi challenged me to kill all the master hunters lurking on Predator Mesa, as well as a feisty gryphon called Quillmane.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The quest begins when you talk to a Khajiit named Sarazi, who challenges you to beat him to killing the master hunters of Predator Mesa.

"You have something to say, dull claws? Let's make it quick. You don't get muscles like these by standing around, chewing the fat with outsiders!"
What is this place?
"What? Did you just wander up here like a lost mountain goat? This is Predator Mesa! The hunter's highland! Really? Nothing? Ziss'vo.
Hunters come here to test their claws against savage beasts—a trial of strength and cunning. But mostly strength."
I'm pretty strong.
"Ha! Compared to vigorous Sarazi, you are a dry twig!
This calls for a contest! Hunting beasts is one thing. Hunting hunters, though? That is a real test. Three savage Khajiit hunt any person who enters the Mesa. Whoever kills them all first wins!"
You're on. I'll kill all the master hunters on Predator Mesa.
"Sarazi will give you a head start. This is sporting, yes?
You'll see three prowling Khajiit on the Mesa, unless they see you first. Ha! There's a nesting gryphon up there, also. Quillmane. If you really want to impress me, kill him, too!"

Once inside the mesa proper, you can tackle the targets in any order. You can also pick up the skyshard for the delve, found along a ridge to the north of Zahalar Oak-Eye behind some Terror Birds, and the Verkarth Fragment from a cave to the west of Split-Ear Tahuda. Near the entrance of the delve you can also find an unsent letter from a lovestruck Khajiit.

Each Khajiit hunter will challenge you as you approach:

Split-Ear Tahuda: "Lost? Good. I could use a fresh skin!"
Kuzo the Thunderclaw: "The prey comes to me? Ha! Too easy!"
Zahalar Oak-Eye: "Fresh meat? Hircine take you!"

Once you have slain the targets, you can return to Sarazi at the entrance to the mesa, who will greet you with ridicule.

"Ha! Come to your senses, eh? Don't worry, Sarazi won't tell anyone that you ran away. Predator Mesa is not for everyone. Now, watch a true hunter take—
Wait. Is that blood on your hands? Where did all this blood come from?"
I killed the three hunters and the gryphon.
"Kra! I never should have given you that head start! Now what will Sarazi hunt? Birds and chipmunks?
Well, a wager is a wager, yes? Here. Spend it on some decent food, walker. Bulging muscles and a shiny coat start at the dinner table! Farewell."

Completing the quest grants you Athlete's Treads and Average Leveled Gold, alongside Standard XP.


Quest StagesEdit

Hunting the Hunters
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should track down and kill the gryphon and these reclusive hunters.
Objective: Kill Split-Ear Tahuda
Objective: Kill Kuzo the Thunderclaw
Objective: Kill Quillmane
Objective: Kill Zahalar Oak-Eye
☑Finishes quest I killed the three master hunters and the gryphon, Quillmane. I should find Sarazi and inform him of my success.
Objective: Talk to Sarazi
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