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A Golden Saint

Golden Saints, also called the Aureal, are a haughty, golden-skinned race of Daedra in service to Sheogorath. Like most NPC enemy types, there are many different classes of Saints and they are often found in complementary groups. A Golden Saint Costume can be unlocked by acquiring 20 Champion points. For more information, please see the Lore article.

Aurig Mireh
Maxus the Many
Golden Saint
Sainted Archer
Sainted Charger
Sainted Guardian
Sainted Healer
Sainted Incendiary
Sainted Soldier


An Auroran

Aurorans are a golden-clad race of Daedra in service to Meridia. Originally only one appeared in the game, and it is technically a renamed Golden Saint. A distinct Auroran enemy type was later added to the game with Update 21 and is documented on the main article.

Auroran Battlemage