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Drive the rampaging giants out of Lower Yorgrim.
Zone: Eastmarch
Objective: Lower Yorgrim — Save Lower Yorgrim from the rampaging giants.
Quest Giver: Jorygg Bleakdawn near Windhelm;
Eiraki Frostwind in the village
Location(s): Lower Yorgrim
Reward: Frostwind Axe
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
ID: 4018
Burn the flesh
Giants have attacked the village of Lower Yorgrim, destroying everything in their path.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Eiraki Frostwind.
  2. Find Skorvild.
  3. Rescue the survivors and find the supplies.
  4. Return to Skorvild or Eiraki.
  5. Kill the giant's leader.
  6. Meet Skorvild by the rocks.
  7. Kill Skorvild.
  8. Return to Eiraki.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Talk to Eiraki Frostwind.

" Lower Yorgrim is dying. We have nothing left to offer you. I suggest you look for somewhere safer to rest this night"
What happened here?
"Giants attacked our village. Many villagers died in Lower Yorgrim at the hands of these degenerate giants. I gathered the few survivors I could find and fled to this fishing camp."
Why would the giants attack Lower Yorgrim?
"I don't know. This is the first time the giants have ventured this close to the village .. and the first time they've attacked us. My brother Skorvild is assembling a force of warriors to drive off the giants. You should speak to my brother"
I'll speak to Skorvild.
"My brother Skorvild and his warriors gather in a house north of here, I'm sure he'd appreciate any help you could provide."
The giants haven't attacked the village before?
"We sometimes hear about attacks against lone travelers, but the giants mostly keep to themselves. I've never heard of them attacking a settlement before."
Something must have angered the giants.
"These are troubled times for Eastmarch. We hear that Orcs grow more and more aggressive and there are rumors that disenfranchised Nord clans plan to start a civil war. Anything Could have provoked the giants"
Tell me about your brother
"Skorvild? Well, my brother is a respected leader in our community and a great supporter of the Skald-King. He can be a little intense, though, and some people find that a bit disturbing. But he loves Lower Yorgrim and wants to set things right."

Talk to Skorvild Frostwind.

"If you seek sanctuary, you've come to the wrong place. This is my war council and you have interrupted its proceedings.
Your sister sent me. I'm here to help.
"I see. Dear Eiraki, always trying to help her big brother. Well, while we formulate our plans to retake Lower Yorgrim, I suppose there is something you can do."
Tell me how I can help.
"Before we charge out to deal with the wolves and giants, we need someone to rescue any other villagers still trapped out there. If you could get the civilians out of the way, that will be one less thing for me and my warriors to worry about.
I'll rescue the villagers.
"Yes, and keep an eye out for my warrior, Burj. I sent him to retrieve supplies but he hasn't returned. If you could also collect those supplies, it would improve our chances against the giants immensely."
What kind of supplies?
"Rations. Made from an old family recipe. An army fights best on a full stomach, or so they say. In truth, my warriors have a tradition. They always eat these specific rations before going into battle and I'm loath to break our routine."
Rescue villagers and retrieve the supplies. Got it.
"Meet us at the manor house to the south when you've completed these tasks. The armory there contains the weapons and armor we need to make our first strike against the giants. Good luck out there, stranger."

Leave the house and head to the first building to the northeast which contains a villager and 2 sacks of militia supplies. Grab the supplies and speak to the villager

"Is it safe out there?"
Safe enough. Skorvild Frostwind asked me to save who I could. Keep your head down and get to the fishing village.
"You don't have to tell me twice!"

run north and grab the militia supplies in the hay field and continue to the building to the north. grab one of the supplies in the house and speak to the villager

"Who are you? What are you doing out here?"
Skorvild Frostwind sent me. Try to get to the safety of the fishing village.
"Oh, thank you. I'll go to the fishing village. That's where Eiraki always takes us during an emergency."

head to the building to the south east and climb the stairs to the second floor. Speak to Burj Hammerhurl

"Who are you? Did Skorvild send you?"
Yes, Skorvild sent me to find you.
"No! Leave me alone! I didn't look in the sacks!"
what are you talking about?
"Please don't kill me. He sent you to get his precious meat after I failed to return, didn't he? I don't want anything else to do with Skorvild or his cult. Just leave me alone."
Kill you? What cult?
"You don't know? Skorvild has always been intense, but lately he's become obsessed with power. His militia treats him like he's some sort of god. I suggest you stay out of his way and leave Lower Yorgrim before it's too late."
I don't understand any of this.
"Skorvild organized a militia. He wants to offer his services to the Skald-King. But something went wrong. He forced us to eat the disgusting rations he made. After that, the giants attacked Lower Yorgrim. I think Skorvild drew the giants to us."
How did he do that?
"I don't know exactly, but I think it has something to do with the rations. I .. I looked in one of the sacks. His rations. He makes them from giant meat!"
Skorvild and his followers are eating the flesh of giants?
"Skorvild discovered a ritual in a secret room beneath the manor house. He's become more and more belligerent ever since. You need to tell Eiraki about this. Bring the giant meat to her as proof. She'll know what to do. Me? I;m heading to Windhelm."

you know have a choice: talk to Eiraki and inform her of the giant meat, or return to Skorvild.

If you tak to Eirki walkthrough for Skorvild needed
"Did you find Skorvild? Are you the one who rescued the villagers?"
Yes to both questions. And I know why the giants attacked. Skorvild's to blame.
"What? How could my brother cause the giants to attack Lower Yorgrim? That makes no sense! What proof do you have?"
This giant meat. He plans to use the meat to perform a ritual to make him stronger.
"Oh no. Skorvild has gone insane! Please, you must stop him. If he goes ahead with this ritual, he'll only make matters worse."

Head to the manor house to the south. enter the basement and kill Skorvild. Exit the basement and speak to Eiraki.

"What happened? I heard a terrible commotion from below. Did he - is my brother dead?"
He left me no choice
"I understand, I will mourn for my brother later. Right now, We still have to do something about the giants."
What do you suggest?
"I don't know where the closest giant burial ground is, but perhaps if we burn the remains it will show them that we're sorry. That we want to be left in peace. Use the fire right outside, then meet me at the fishing camp when the task is done."

run south and active the giant fire in the middle of town to throw the giant flesh into the fire then head back to the fishing village and talk to Eiraki.

"Did you do it? Did you burn the remains of the giants? And did it work? Are they going to leave us alone now?"
It's done. the giants appear to have accepted the offering.
"That's a small blessing. If I had known what Skorvild was doing, maybe I could have talked to him and stopped this. Anyway, thanks for your help. You kept a bad situation from turning even worse."


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Quest StagesEdit

Giant Problems
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Eiraki's brother Skorvild is gathering a force of warriors in a house north of the fishing camp. I should speak to him about how I can aid the village.
Objective: Talk to Skorvild Frostwind
Skorvild asked me to help the surviving villagers. He also wants me to gather supplies for his militia -- rations made from an old family recipe.
Objective: Collect Supplies
Objective: Rescue Villagers
I found Burj. He explained that Skorvild and his militia have been eating the flesh of giants. That's why the giants are so enraged. I need to device if I want to go along with Skorvild's plan or tell Eiraki the truth about her brother.
Objective: Talk to Skorvild
Objective: Talk to Eiraki
I decided to join Skorvild and go along with his plan. I need to kill the leader of the giants to help bring the rest of the giants in line. I should be able to find him on the hill overlooking the village.
Objective: Kill the Giant Leader
Objective: (?)
☑Finishes quest Skorvild took some meat from the giant's leader and ran over to a stand of rocks. I should meet him there.
Objective: Talk to Skorvild Frostwind
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