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General Velarius
Location White-Gold Tower
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Imperial Legion
Condition Projection
General Velarius

General Velarius is an officer of the Imperial Legion seen conversing with Clivia Tharn in a series of visions within the White-Gold Tower. He is Safia Velarius's father.

Related QuestsEdit


Throughout the White-Gold Tower are Speaking Stones which show conversations between the Empress Regent and General Velarius.

The first Speaking Stone, in the Lower Elder Scrolls Library:

General Velarius "Empress Regent. I arrived as soon as I could. How can the Imperial Legions serve your highness?"
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "General Velarius. I need you to spare me a regiment of your elite."
General Velarius "I…of course, but for what purpose? Imperial City is crawling with Daedra."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "Just a single regiment. Have them report personally to me. I require the utmost secrecy about this. They will serve in your name."
General Velarius "As you wish, Empress Regent."

The second Speaking Stone, in the Imperial Battlemage Quarters:

Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "General. I'm certain that you have plenty to do today. How can I help you?"
General Velarius "My officers report you requested Legion members directly to your personal service. May I ask why? Do you intend to feed them to the Daedra, as well?"
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "Mind your tone. I already apologized for the incident. I am no strategist, but your men did not die in vain."
General Velarius "I won't grant this request."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "It's an order from your Empress, General."
General Velarius "With all due respect...."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "I know of the personal posting you made, general. Wasn't your daughter injured in a recent attack?"
General Velarius "Is that a threat? The healers say we can't risk moving her out of the City and those guards...."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "Are the only thing keeping the Daedra away from your mansion. But they're also a waste of military resources. I'd be happy to leave them be if your cooperate. Consider it, General."

The third Speaking Stone, in the Imperial Regent's Quarters:

General Velarius "Empress Regent. These troop movements....they're nonsensical."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "They are necessary. The Waterfront District must be defended."
General Velarius "Empress, that District hold no strategic value. You'd be sending these men to die for nothing."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "Why do you continue to oppose me?"'
General Velarius "Why do you insist on playing general? I must refuse this, Empress."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "Then the Elder Council will hear about the extra postings. Your questionable command decisions."
General Velarius "Make your threats. My men are loyal to me. I will personally see to it the Legion is done with you. Go back to ruling your Empire, such as it is."
Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn: "This means war, General."


  • Once you have completed Planemeld Obverse, Safia Velarius' dialogue will be different.