Online:Farseer Kuamta

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Farseer Kuamta
Home Settlement Ald'ruhn
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ashlanders
Farseer Kuamta

Farseer Kuamta is an Ashlander Dark Elf seer who can be found in Ald'ruhn.

Related QuestsEdit


If you speak to her before starting the related quest, she says:

"Disturbing an Ashlander at prayer is unwise, outlander."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When spoken to initially, she says:

"Hmm. Your footsteps are loud as a kagouti's. What is it you want, outlander?"
"What's that? Perfume and incense? You have the stink of the Great Houses on you, oathman. What brings a House Dunmer like you to Ald'ruhn?" (If you're a Dunmer)
I've come to pay my respects, farseer.
"Have you now? Then you have my thanks … and my curiosity, also. Outsiders rarely show us such respect. When they do, it is always because they want something. What do you want, I wonder?"
Only your blessing to participate in honoring the First Ashkhans.
"Remarkable. You would honor our ancestors? Very well, I give you my blessing.
You hesitate. Shall I explain the custom? Each of the four great tribes seek a unique and worthy offering. You must place the gift at the foot of each Ashkhan's cairn."
What offering should I bring to each cairn?
"For Ahemmusa, an ashen fern. For Erabenimsun, the weapon of an exile slain by your hand. For Urshilaku, the bones of a guar returned to ash. And for Zainab, the hidden treasure of a kwama queen.
We will see how much fire you hold in your heart."
I heard you are becoming a Wise Woman?
"Yes. Though 'becoming' is a clumsy word for it. Every daughter of Veloth has worth. When we learn to speak with our water-tongue and read the truth in the stones, we also learn the truth of our hearts.
The truth is we have been wise all along."
"If you seek further guidance, or wish to know more about the significance of these offerings, you should speak with members of each tribe. Approach them with the same respect you have shown me and you will not be treated unfairly."

After exploring the tomb, you'll find Drelyth at the center of the camp along with Wise Woman Asani and Farseer Kuamta.

"Tread carefully in our camp, outlander. You may walk among us as a guest, but you are not Velothi."

Recover Calderas from the Hleran Ancestral Tomb and return to the center of the camp. After Drelyth thanks you, he turns to the gathered Ashlander leaders:

Drelyth Hleran: "Wise Mothers, I apologize for my haste earlier. I was simply desperate to reunite with my ancestors."
Wise Woman Asani: "That spear. I sense … where did you come by it?"
Drelyth Hleran: "Our mutual friend found it in my family's tomb. It belonged to my ancestor, Dranoth Hleran."
Farseer Kuamta: "Dranoth? Wise One, isn't that …?"
Wise Woman Asani: "Yes. The Unsung. Wiped from our history when he led his kin away from the Velothi path."
Drelyth Hleran: "You know him then? Dranoth battled Skar alongside your people, didn't he? He used this spear to fell the beast."
Wise Woman Asani: "Yes. Dranoth's kin—your kin—were once clanfriends. When Dranoth left the path, our Ashkhans slaughtered him, and his people. A sin that still haunts us. We rarely speak of it."
Drelyth Hleran: "Perhaps we can make amends. I have no quarrel with the tribes, but my ancestors have claim here. Ald'ruhn was … is our home."
Farseer Kuamta: "Absolutely not! The Houses claim our land, our livelihoods. They will not take Skar from us as well."
Drelyth Hleran: "Farseer, I have no desire to displace anyone. I will welcome the Velothi people to my table. Your pilgrimages, your cairns, your celebrations—all will remain as it is. You have my word."
Wise Woman Asani: "The sins of your Great Houses do not wash away the Unsung's claim. The Velothi people honor the past, even when it is inconvenient. Settle here if you wish, son of Dranoth. I only pray that Skar is big enough for both of us."
Drelyth Hleran: "Thank you, Wise One. You honor me and my ancestors. I vow to show your people equal respect."

After Drelyth makes his speech, Kuamta will warn:

"You helped bring this fetcherfly into our home. Whatever he and his Redoran overseers do here shall be your doing as well. I pray that you choose your friends wisely."