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Aid a researcher collect information on Eldertide druid magic.
Zone: High Isle
Quest Giver: Wayllod
Location(s): Gonfalon Bay, Coral Cliffs
Prerequisite Quest: Aiding the Archipelago
Reward: High Isle Reward Coffer
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6826
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Explore the Coral Cliffs in search of ritual components.
A mage studying the practices of druidic magic needs someone to collect ritual components from Coral Cliffs on Amenos to help advance their research.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Receive quest from Wayllod.
  2. Talk to Nivathil. (Optional)
  3. Enter the Coral Cliffs.
  4. Gather three Druidic Ritual Components.
  5. Return to Wayllod.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Druidic Ritual Components

Speak to the daily quest giver Wayllod. He will tell you: "A mage requires someone to travel to the Coral Cliffs in northern Amenos and gather ritual components from the druids of the Eldertide Circle." He will also warn you that the druids of the Eldertide Circle are not friendly and suggest you speak to the mage for more information.

You can choose to speak to Nivathil upstairs in The Ancient Anchor Inn before you head out. She is doing research on druidic magic for the Mages Guild and is especially interested in the approach used by the Eldertide Circle because it's so volatile. She has it on good authority that the Coral Cliffs are an Eldertide stronghold.

Next, make your way to Coral Cliffs on the northern coast of Amenos. Your task is to gather three Druidic Ritual Components from throughout the delve. The quest marker will point you to each pack of components.

After that, return to Wayllod in Gonfalon Bay to get your reward.

Quest StagesEdit

Druidic Research
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I can find Coral Cliffs in the northern part of Amenos.
Objective: Go to Coral Cliffs
Optional Step: Talk to Nivathil
I need to collect druidic ritual components from the druids of the Eldertide Circle.
Objective: Gather Druidic Ritual Components
Finishes quest  I gathered druidic ritual components from the Eldertide Circle in Coral Cliffs. I should deliver these to Wayllod and collect my pay.
Objective: Talk to Wayllod
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