Online:Dremora Kynmarcher

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Dremora Kynmarcher
Location Aba-Darre, The Cave of Trophies, Court of Contempt, The Grotto of Depravity, Haj Uxith
Imperial City Sewers (Abyssal Depths, Barathrum Centrata, Irrigation Tunnels, Lambent Passage, Wavering Veil)Imperial City
Race Dremora Gender Varies
Health 31364
29870 (Imperial Sewers)
Reaction Hostile Class Battlemage
Daedra Hearts, Daedra Husk, Poison Solvents
A Dremora Kynmarcher

Dremora Kynmarchers are Dremora battlemages who can be found in Coldharbour. They wield flame staves.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A basic ranged attack that does minor flame damage.
Quick Strike
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Ice Cage
The enemy summons a ring of frost around itself that does moderate frost damage over time to all players in the red circle.
Lightning Onslaught
The enemy charges up and releases lightning from itself as indicated by red circles. This attack does moderate shock damage to all enemies hit. This attack can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance or simply avoided.