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Free the prisoners and destroy the corrupted coral.
Zone: High Isle
Quest Giver: Sergeant Brusic
Location(s): Coral Cliffs, High Isle and Amenos
Reward: Coral-Smasher
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6769
Corrupted Coral
Brusic, a sentry for House Mornard, asked me to find Veslyn, another sentry sailing with him, and the prisoners in their care. Brusic followed their footprints, but they disappeared into the Coral Cliffs after Brusic's ship wrecked.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Sergeant Brusic.
  2. Head into the Coral Cliffs.
  3. Speak with Chyrisnia.
  4. Destroy the coral.
  5. Free the prisoners.
  6. Speak with Brusic to receive your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You can run into Sergeant Brusic on the northeastern section of Amenos. He will call out to you for help, telling you that his ship was attacked by coral. He was wounded, and when he recovered found enough tracks in the sand to account for his compatriot First Mate Veslyn and the Maormer prisoners they were transporting to release that he saw make it off the ship. He also vouches for the prisoners, claiming that the method of attack does not make sense as Sea Elves prefer weather magic.

Agreeing to help will have you head into the Coral Cliffs, with your first investigation stop being to the northwest. Here you will find Chyrisnia when she emerges from a druidic hut expecting a fight. Realizing you are not a druid, she will explain that the ship was attacked by Eldertide Druids. She tells you they are using their magic to corrupt nature, and they have been sacrificing people to the coral. She asks you to destroy the corrupted coral and free the survivors being held captive by druids.

Mornard representatives and Maormer in Gonfalon Bay

There are three pieces of corrupted coil to be destroyed, one south of Chyrisnia and two inside a cave west of her. the fastest way to proceed will be to destroy the coral outside the cave, and then the two inside it. Druids and coral beasts will try to impede progress. After the coral is dealt with, taking the other exit to the cave will take you to the other side of the lake splitting in the area in two. A book called Coral's Revenge will give you some insight into the druid's motivation can be found in a tent at the southern-most camp. From here you will want to head northeast across a bridge to Madena Bracques's area, the prisoners can be found in an isolated area across a second bridge to the northeast from here.

You will find the First Mate Veslyn, Maelyeya, and Nilidel, the only remaining prisoners. Veslyn will tell you everyone else has already been killed to feed the coral, and ask that you free her so she can lead the remaining prisoners to safety. After doing this, your work will be done, and you reunite with Brusic out of the Coral Cliffs. Brusic will give you a reward for your help and speculate how House Mornard will respond to this attack. He will also comment that the Sea Elf survivors will likely vouch for his conduct and that of his sentries, avoiding a renewed conflict between House Mornard and the Sea Elf pirates they were making peace with.

Quest StagesEdit

Coral Conundrum
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should enter the Coral Cliffs to see if I can find out what happened to the Veslyn and her prisoners.
Objective: Enter the Coral Cliffs
I need to search the Coral Cliffs for any signs of Veslyn or her prisoners.
Objective: Search the Coral Cliffs
I found a Sea Elf just inside the Coral Cliffs. She looks frightened. Maybe she'll talk to me and tell me what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Chyrisnia
The druids are using their magic to infuse the pirate's life force into the coral outcroppings. Chyrisnia asked me to destroy the coral and save the survivors. Veslyn, if she's still alive, will be in a cage with the remaining prisoners.
Objective: Destroy the Coral: 0/3
Objective: Free Veslyn and Her Prisoners
Finishes quest  I destroyed the corrupted coral and freed Veslyn along with the surviving prisoners. I should return to Sergeant Brusic and see if the escapees made it out of the Coral Cliffs all right.
Objective: Talk to Sergeant Brusic
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