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The following are contraband items that originated in the Galen zone of the Firesong DLC.

Icon Item Description Value Type
ON-icon-stolen-Monocle.png Alfiq Moonstone Bangles (page) Two delicate golden bangles with moonstone inlays. They are inscribed with Jone and Jode respectively. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Stein.png All Flags Flagon (page) An ornate vessel with design influence from every party in the All Flags Navy. Likely pilfered from All Flags Isle. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Model Ship.png All Flags Ship Kit (page) A small kit of cheap woodens slats which can be assembled to resemble Admiral Bendu Olo's flagship. 00000100100 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Ancestor Bust (page) The bust of an unnamed ancestor. His mustache is littered with beads, possibly hinting at a sailor's lineage. 00000100100 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Banners of the Disgraced House (page) A box filled with banners from when House Mornard controlled the Systres Archipelago. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Ode.png Battle Hymnals of the Daggerfall Covenant (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A compendium of battle songs collected by a Covenant soldier and sent to her sister at the Bards College in Solitude. 00000250250 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Beeswax Lip Balm (page) This tin of soft, waxy balm is flavored with comberry and gives users' lips a dewy, kissable sheen. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-stolen-Sundial.png Beginner's Compass (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A shiny compass with a bold, colorful dial. Its needle is a spinning sea bird whose beak always points north. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Tusk.png Bleeding Antler (page) The mud caked around the bottom of this horn is a dark reddish color, giving it the appearance of bleeding. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Blood Stained Quill (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
It's unclear whether blood was used in place of ink or if the owner was merely in the middle of a meal while writing. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Drinking Bowl 02.png Bloodmoon Oil (page) A red-tinged oil with unknown alchemical properties, supposedly infused with light from Secunda during a Great Hunt. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Book Set.png Boiling Blood Anthology (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A particularly salacious tome. This collection of erotic stories centers a moody vampire prince and his peasent born lover. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Pen Knife.png Bone-Handled Boline (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A small, crescent moon-shaped knife used by werewolves to harvest tufts of fur for ritual purposes. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png Bosun's Call (page) A card deck of prompts for a musical call-and-response game popular in seaside taverns. 00000100100 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Horn.png Bosun's Pipe (page) Captains who use this shrill steel whistle to command attention of their crews are ten times more likely to be mutinied. 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Box.png Box of Depleted Ammonites (page) These ammonites are dull and do not glow or shine with stored magicka. 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-book-Scroll 04.png Breton Braids for Breton Brides (page) A visual guide to the complicated updos traditional to Breton high society. Sought out by those marrying into Breton families. 00000250250 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Hairbrush 02.png Bristled Hoof Pick (page) Hooked pick with a brush attachment on a wooden handle for cleaning the hooves of any equine. 00000100100 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Purse.png Bristleneck Ear (page) Older werewolves test their bite on these dry, chewy treats. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Bronze Shoe Horn (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Cheaper than a cobbler, this tool guides highborn heels into stubbornly narrow shoes. 00000250250 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Candle.png Candle Snuffer (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
For when blowing out the flame is too much work. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Captain's Cleaning Flasks (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A series of water flasks that can sift salt from sea water and render it safe to drink. Very useful for staving off mutinies. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Vest.png Captain's Rain Slick (page) When properly maintained with oil and beeswax, this waterproof cloak keeps its wearer dry even during the roughest storms. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Carved Kynareth Charm (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Carved from coral, sailors believed these charms protect the wearer from the unpredictability of the sea. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tube.png Cheese Wire (page) A sharp length of wire affixed between two wooden handles. Used for slicing through large wheels of cheese. And nothing else. 00000250250 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Gourd.png Chenille Stem Bundle (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
These flexible wire strands are used practically to clean pipes, and less practically to twist into fuzzy little shapes. 00000100100 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Sundial.png Cherry Wood Prestige Counter (page) A wooden disc with etched dials allows the dedicated Tribute player to keep track of their prestige count. 00000250250 Gold Tribute
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Chewbark Fever Strips (page) Slim slats of bark which help reduce a fever and allows the ill to fall into a restful slumber. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Gilded Conch.png Child's Shell Whistle (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
When blown, this shell makes a sound not unlike the calls of sea birds. Be warned, not everyone "appreciates" this effect. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png Collapsable Sugar Pipe (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
While most sugar pipes can be cumbersome to carry, this collapsible pipe is perfect for spontaneous consumption. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Commemorative Service Flask (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A shining flask inscribed with the sigil of Vastyr. Given to city guards on their first anniversary of service. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tube.png Commemorative Set of Chisels (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A set of chisels with mahogany handles. Awarded to skilled blacksmiths by the Vastyr Merchants Guild. 00000250250 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Coins.png Coral Prayer Charms (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A Maormer-made pouch of coin-sized coral discs carved with the likeness of sea serpents. When cast into water, they float. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Adornment.png Coral Rossette Hat Pin (page) A finely carved coral brooch made to look like a delicate flower. Its petals seem to glow softly in the sunlight. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png Covenant Letter of Marque (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An official letter authorizing the holder to siege vessels flying under Dominion or Pact colors. Signed by High King Emeric. 000015001500 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Covenant Sigil Silkscreen Set (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A fine silk mesh stretched across a wooden frame. The accompanying stencil depicts the Covenant lion sigil. 00000100100 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Cuddly Ursauk (page) This ursauk's overstuffed belly and large eyes give it a friendly appearance. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Cumberland Dynasty Ancestry Chart (page) A family tree for the Cumberland family of Stormhaven, tracing back to the middle of the first era. 00000250250 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Holder.png Dibellan Wax Warmer (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This decorative votive uses a small candle to warm a dish of wax or oil for use in some Dibellan worship activity. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Chess.png Dire Straits (page) Played on a pegboard with many moving pieces, the objective of this game has to do with capturing ports and sinking ships. 00000250250 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Dreadsail Flag Semaphore Set (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Signallers in the Dreadsail fleet use these short, colorful flags to convey messages between ships. 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Bowl.png Driftwood Serving Bowl (page) Made of smooth, sanded driftwood; the crafter's initials are carved into its bottom, but they are too worn to read. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Adornment.png Druid Cloak Clasp (page) A bronze buckle in the twisted triangle shape of the three circles. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Ampoule.png Eau de Amenos (page) Aromatic cologne that evokes a dark bouquet of rain, smoke, and innate danger. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Purse.png Eldertide Clamshell Castanets (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
These naturally lacquered clamshells make a hollow, percussive sound when clacked together. 00000100100 Gold Writings [sic]
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Enchanted Dictation Quill (page) A quill enchanted for hands-free use. You'll still need a scribe to correct its many errors. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Yarn Ball.png Enchanted Grocers Twine (page) Purported to keep packaged vegetables fresh longer, this spool of twine smells of honey and sparkles softly in the light. 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Riding Crop.png Enchanted Soil Probe (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This simple, enchanted tool is used by farmers to measure salinity prior to planting crops. Its tip glows blue in bad soil. 00000250250 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Enchantment-Free Beard Booster (page) This fragrant, nonmagic mix of wax and pigments comes with a small blending brush to make patchy beards appear naturally full. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-achievement-Bone.png Engraved Femur (page) The writing carved along the length of this bone insists that it's from a pig. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Engraved Tabard Clasp (page) Worn down by sea and sweat, you can still make out the engraving of the Gonfalon Colossus on this small, decorative clasp. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png False Book Jacket (page) A cover for a generic manners novel. Used to disguise the book covers of more salacious reading materials. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Fork.png Faun Antler Dowsing Rod (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This twitchy appendige guides the user to bodies of fresh water, usually by way of sinkhole or over a cliff. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Flute.png Faun Flute (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This simple flute crafted from water reeds and bound in twine is believed to have been made by the Fauns of High Isle. 00000100100 Gold Writings [sic]
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Faun Hoof Powder (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This container is tightly corked since powdered Faun's hoof is good for many potions but smells worse than rotting fish 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Paperweight.png Firesong Druidic Lodestone (page) This rough-hewn compass always points in the direction of Y'ffelon. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-food-Fondue.png Firesong Magma Censer (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
The exterior of this egg-shaped censer is reminiscent of magma-like vulk'esh markings. It is unnaturally warm to the touch. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Fish Glue (page) A jar of glue chips derived from fish bones and skin, used primarily in binding and preserving manuscripts. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Tube 02.png Folding Rule (page) Foldable tool used for measuring lengths in woodworking. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png Fore-edge Painting Traveler's Journal (page) When its pages are fanned, this leather-bound journal reveals a painting of the Colossus of Gonfalon Bay. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-misc-Tree.png Forest Wraith Finger Puppet (page) A small representation of the unsettling horned figure used to scare small children into staying away from the forests. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Tube 02.png Forest Wraith Offering (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An assortment of bones, quills, and feathers bound by a strip of hide. Unknown if it attracts or repels forest wraiths. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Pen Knife.png Fresh Catch Inspection Tool (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A curved silver tool used to inspect the insides of fish for contraband without damaging the catch. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png Galen Chapbook (page) A short visitor's leaflet on the history of the Isle of Galen, with an obvious slant in favor of the Mornard family. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Gaudy Sailor's Handkerchief (page) Made from exquisite silks and embroidered with the Gonfalon compass. A terrible shore leave purchase, no doubt. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Hubalajads Urn.png Gavel of Julianos (page) This weighty gavel is likely used to call to order impassioned debates within a temple of Julianos. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Gilded Conch.png Giant Squid Beak (page) Someone either cut this sizeable beak from a giant squid itself, or pulled it from the stomach of something even bigger. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png Gold-flecked Prestige Beads (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Beads used to count prestige in a Tribute match nestle cozily within a velvet cloth bag. 00000250250 Gold Tribute
ON-icon-stolen-Blanket.png Gonfalon Decorative Waistband (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A satin cloth worn over formal wear during special occasions. An adjustable cinch makes it easy to wear over a guard's armor. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Cage.png Gonfalon Lobster Pot (page) It's a one-way trip for lobsters that go for the bait inside in this submersible wood and wire cage. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Graht-oak Acorn (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A skilled greenspeaker could plan wondrous developments with this melon-sized acorn, if it doesn't roll off on its own first. 000015001500 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Model Ship.png Gravy Galleon (page) Made to look like a Gonfalon galleon, this serving boat can hold enough gravy for an entire evening party. 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Ball.png Guar Training Toy (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A toy used to saddle train adolescent guar. Its low pitched honk mimics a guar mother's cooing. 00000250250 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Gull Feather Shuttlecock (page) Traditionally used as a lure in falconry, some Bretons have made a sport of making this item "fly" using wooden paddles. 00000100100 Gold Games
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Handheld Flour Sifter (page) A vital instrument for achieving the light, airy texture typical of Breton pastries. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Nail.png Handy Stitching Awl (page) Used to puncture or enlarge holes. Not picky about the material. 00000100100 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Tusk.png Hatchling's Chewing Bone (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An Argonian child's chew toy made from the femur of a hackwing. Chew marks nearly obscure an inscription that reads, "Bemuk." 00000100100 Gold Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Mat.png Hempen Tribute Play Mat (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This woven play mat has a few fanciful representations of Tribute Patrons painted onto the reeds. 00000100100 Gold Tribute
ON-icon-stolen-Needle.png High Iron Crochet Hooks (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This set of enchanted metal hooks grow hot to signal when the user misses a stitch. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Lute.png High Isle Concertina (page) Skilled bards can make this obscure, Breton-made bellowing instrument feel like a full orchestra. 00000250250 Gold Writings [sic]
ON-icon-stolen-Yarn Ball.png High Isle Merino Wool (page) A bobbin of soft, undyed, lovingly hand-spun wool originating from a tiny flock on the south side of High Isle. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Fishhook.png Hircine's Gambrel (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Lightweight and portable, this ornately-carved tool is used to hoist one's prey for skinning after a prosperous hunt. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Hoarker Oil Polish (page) An expensive fatty, oily substance used to shine armor to a near mirror-like polish. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Lute.png Hoarvor-Sac Bagpipes (page) Musical instrument, fine bagpipes made from a hoarvor's bloat-sac and probosces, decorated with parrot feathers. 00000100100 Gold Musical Instruments, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Spyglass.png Hollowed Out Brass Spyglass (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Made to look like a common spyglass, its lense can be popped out to reveal a hiding place for a bottle of skooma. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Case.png Hoops & Holes Wicket Set (page) A standard set of oblong wooden hoops for staking in the ground, used in the popular noble's game, "Hoops & Holes." 00000100100 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Horn.png Horn of the Hunting Grounds (page) Rumored to be blessed by Hircine himself, this horn's call shifts from a wolf's howl to a man's scream when the moon is full. 000015001500 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tapestry.png House Mornard Banquet Table Runner (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A long, thin bolt of heavily decorated fabric which can span the entireity of a great feast table. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Goblet.png House Vraseth Goblet (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This chalice bears the signet of a powerful vampiric bloodline from the region around Iliac Bay. It's still slightly sticky. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Inkwell.png Igneous Quill Holder (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
The natural holes in this porous volcanic rock have been shaped to hold an assortment of quills. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Gilded Conch.png Iridescent Shell Bowls (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Decorative bowls made out of hollowed sea shells, the inside is awash with the blended hues of the sunrise. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Iron Knot Knight (page) The knight's armor is a little dusty, but the filigrie [sic] along the sword clutched in the knight's hand is still visible. 00000100100 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Paperweight.png Jade and Ruby Runestones (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Divination stones passed from one court mage to the next. Despite the carved runes, these stones could be worth a fortune. 000015001500 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Collar.png Jangling Livestock Collar (page) A leather collar with small bells, used to track young, wandering farm animals like curious goats and sheep. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Jester Marionette (page) A colorfully dressed marionette that nobles use to keep the merriment of feast days alive in the weeks after the celebration. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Joiner's Mallet (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A heavy, sanded maple mallet used for all matter of pounding done in carpentry. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Jug.png Jug of Spiced Cooking Oil (page) A corked ceramic jug containing a chef's personal spice blended cooking oil. Smells faintly of saltrice and columbine. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Bowl.png Khajiiti Moon Sugar Dish (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A small, ceremonial dish with a depiction of Azurah. Moon sugar remnants can be found in the engraving's thin lines. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Lanolin Shepherd's Balm (page) This tin of greasy, musky-smelling balm promises protection from everything—from sun and wind, to wolves and quicksand. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Leather Deck Pouch (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An empty deck pouch used for holding cards. Its owner's name is written under the flap. Dryston "The Skeever" Nytte. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Lion-Embossed Tribute Deck Box (page) This lacqured box is scratched and scuffed, likely a safehold for a Covenant soldier's play decks. 00000100100 Gold Tribute
ON-icon-book-Generic 114.png The Lover's Guide to Birthsign Compatibility (page) The anonymous author of this astrological account clearly got their heart broken by someone under the sign of the Steed. 00000250250 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Tooth.png Lucky Gargoyle's Tooth (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
While the line between minion and pet is admittedly blurry, this charm may have been crafted to remember a favored gargoyle. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png Lunar Calendar (page) By setting the phase of the moon on the first day of the year, it displays the moons' phases for the rest of the given year. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Ode.png Lycanthrope Treatment Pamphlet (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A mass-produced missive written by Prelate Sabinus, extoling the virtues of Arkay and offering a cure for lycanthropy. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Treethane Nirel Book.png Mages Make Do (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A spellbook containing instructions on how to substitute ingredients for many well known potions. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Akaviri Armistice Banquet Tray.png Maormer Mancala Set (page) This well-used board is inlaid with mother of pearl and played with colorful seaglass stones. 00000250250 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Marbles.png Mara's Union Memory Stones (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A pair of small stones embossed with the sigil of Mara. When one is squeezed, the other glows and pulses with warmth. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Mariner's Hair and Beard Spray (page) The fine glass bottle boasts of a stylish, textured, "just off the ship" look. The liquid inside, however, is just seawater. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Hubalajads Urn.png Meat Mallet (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Used to tenderize and flatten cuts of meat. Also useful in pacifying belligerent taverngoers. 00000100100 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Miniature Lighthouse.png Model Lighthouse (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
The top of this toy lighthouse has slots for both a small mirror and candle, and the symbol for Kynareth carved into the bottom. 00000100100 Gold Children’s Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Mornard-Dufort Kerchief (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A handkerchief celebrating the unusual marriage between members of House Mornard and Dufort. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Pen.png Mortise Chisel Set (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A carpenter's set of different-sized chisels. Good for the joints—woodworking joints, that is. 00000250250 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png Mount Firesong Breath Chews (page) These gingery chews are infused with charcoal, promising a brighter smile, fresh breath, and clear sinuses. 00000100100 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Mournhold Roister's Club Stein (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Emblazoned with the tribute tri-card sigil, this clay stein is still stained with wine from the Flaming Nix. 00000100100 Gold Tribute
ON-icon-stolen-Mounted Bird.png Nesting Bird Figurine (page) A seabird sitting protectively over a clutch of alabaster eggs. 00000250250 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Crystal Shard.png Night Sight Reading Glass (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A palm-sized dome of glass that magnifies the words on a page beneath it. Enchanted to glow at the touch of fingertips. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tweezers.png Nitpicker's Ear Cleaning Set (page) A pliable set of wooden utensils used for scraping detritus from any imaginable aural crevice. 00000100100 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Ornate Button Collection (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A lifetime's hoard of colorful buttons held in a wooden cask. No two in the collection are alike. 00000100100 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Needle.png Ornaug-Spine Etching Needles (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A collection of sharp spikes harvested from the dorsal spine of an ornaug. Perfect for wax etching in fine detail. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Paw Pad Poultice (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An mint-smelling paste used to soothe injuries to the pad of a werewolf's paws. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Pewter Armor Brush (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Used by a Vastyr city guard to protect their armor from the salty sea air. Its tough bristles are well worn from frequent use. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Pewter Sugar Box (page) A sweet smelling box made to hold moon sugar. Scratch marks around the lock have damaged an engraving of the owner's initials. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Pewter Tribute Card Frames (page) These metal card frames are intended to add some heft (and protection) to your tribute deck. 00000250250 Gold Tribute
ON-icon-stolen-Hair.png Phoenix Lashes (page) Made from the antennae of phoenix moths, these ember-inspired lashes give new life to the smokey eye look. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-stolen-Jug.png Pickled Eyestalks (page) For a more authentic flavor, add kelp and a brine to the pickling liquid. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Chalice.png Pony Guar Glass (page) A small, stemmed glass perfect for sipping cordials and liquers. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Porcelain Offal Jar (page) Miscellaneous organs preserved in an airtight container. The designs painted on the jar are pretty though. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Powdered Pearl Mouth Rinse (page) Nobles of High Isle swear by this cloudy liquid as an aid for brighter, shinier teeth. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Preserved Flowers and Feathers (page) Pressed flowers and feathers arranged in a stunning bouquet and preserved in lightly tinted amber. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Proof! (page) A murder mystery role-playing card game inspired by the massively popular Investigator Vale book series. 00000250250 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Punctured Coin (page) Sailors believe that these coins will help protect them from pirates while at sea. By the blood on this one, it didn't work. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Quartermaster's Mouth Organ (page) For something so small, this rectangular, pocket-sized instrument makes a big, harmonious sound. 00000100100 Gold Writings [sic]
ON-icon-stolen-Contraption.png Rotary Whisk (page) A clever little hand crank device that quickly whisks ingredients, wet or dry. Apron advised. 00000250250 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Ibis.png Rough-Sewn Albatross Doll (page) A large representation of an albatross given to the youngest knight aspirants in order to help them plan for their adventures. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Sailor's Wishing Pillow (page) The inside of the pillowcase is embroidered with lines of prayers and hidden desires to return home safely. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png Sapphire Tourney Poster (page) A poster depicting the sigils of the three knightly orders that sponsor the Sapphire Tourney. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Cloth Roll.png Satin Sleeping Bonnet (page) A luxury item from the Imperial City, this sleek wrap keeps hair hydrated and silky for fuss-free styling in the morning. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png Sea Travel Tea Service (page) This tongue-twisting tea set is enchanted to stay affixed to the tray, no matter how one's ship is tossed on the waves. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Bell.png Seafarer's Candle Mold (page) A wooden mold for making candles in the shape of a ship's bell. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Female Portrait.png Seafarer's Stained Glass Portrait (page) A hand-sized portrait made of stained glass in the likeness of Kynareth. Hangable by a small chain. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Seal.png Seal Seal (page) A pressable wax seal carved in the shape of a flippered marine animal—like a smooth, tuskless horker. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Jug.png Seaman's Tankard (page) A sturdy, hooped, wooden tankard. The handle seems to be made of a metal mooring cleat. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Seasalt Scrub (page) A coarse paste made from large chunks of salt. Good for cleaning out infection and drying wounds. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Marbles.png Serpent's Hollow Split Shot Set (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A container of slitted metal balls affixable to fishing line. Ideal for weighing down lines to catch bottom feeders. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Cape.png Shawl of the Circles (page) The druids weave three-sided knots into the pattern of this shawl. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Vase.png Shimmerene Oil Vase (page) A large, beautifully painted vase used to store oil for ceremonies. A craftmans stamp reveals its origins to be Shimmerene. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Shining Knight (page) A mounted knight with metal sword, shield, and armor. It does not bear the livery of any particular house. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Sundial.png Shipwright's Spirit Level (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
The alchemical liquid inside this circular carpentry tool is enchanted to glow when aligned on a level surface. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Blanket.png Shipyard Silk Bedspread (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A fine silken bedcover supposedly given to Admiral Bendu Olo the night the All Flags Naval Base finished construction. 000015001500 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Harness.png Simple Cattle Splint (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A simple splint used to treat minor cattle injuries. It has slots where linen straps can be looped through for a tighter hold. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Slithering Antivenom (page) A vial of clear liquid that can quickly reverse the effect of four deadly snake venoms. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Soot Stained Bellows (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A sturdy set of bellows covered in a fine layer of soot. The Vastyr crest is carved into its wooden panels. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png Spicy Nightshade Crisps (page) A small satchel of crispy Nightshade petals. A particularly potent snack that would leave mortals numb if not outright deceased. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Royal Carpet.png Spiderweb Bandages (page) Bandages woven from spiderwebs. They're best when applied on deep wounds and keep out the worst infections. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Pipe.png Spiral Sugar Pipe (page) Hand-carved using shells from the beaches of High Isle. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-style material-Dwemer Scrap.png Spring Coil Epilator (page) This tightly-coiled steel spring yanks unwanted hair out by the root when rolled over skin. It's as painful as it sounds. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Steadfast Healer's Kit (page) This modest satchel of healing supplies appears to have been blessed by a Resolute of Stendarr. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Stick with String.png Steel Marlinspike (page) This cone-shaped metal rod is used by Tamrielic mariners for all manner of ropework. 00000100100 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Riding Crop.png Stonelore Dousing Rod (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Stonelore druids utilize this branch to locate and unearth the large slabs of rock used for their carvings. 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Dirennis Inflammable Rug.png Stonelore Fiber Doily (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
Many different strands of cut off fibers give this table runner a strange, ever-changing texture. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Stonelore Ragamuffin Doll (page) This crude rag doll's been repaired so many times there's no scrap of the original fabric remaining. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Stormsease Joint Cream (page) Rubbing this balm on old wounds helps reduce their discomfort when the cold winds of a thunderstorm begin to blow. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Stuffed Sload (page) A cheerful looking Sload with glittery, sea glass eyes. Pressing its belly makes a deep croaking sound. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png Systres Archipelago Novel-Tea Infuser (page) This anchor-shaped novelty sinks straight to the bottom of your mug for ideal tea diffusion. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Systres Cyclone Glass (page) A tall, bulbous glass for mixed drinks typical of the Systres Archipelago. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Blanket.png Systres Heraldry Quilt (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A quilt made from the colors and coats of arms of all the noble houses on the Systres Archipelago. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Systres Sunflower Oil (page) A soothing oil which can ease digestive ailments and quiet irritated throats. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Lanthorn.png Treated Maple Book Cradle (page) A simple device that props books upright for ease of reading. 00000100100 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Vastyr Bitters (page) A small-batch aperitif of medicinal herbs originating from Vastyr in Galen. Highly aromatic, used to flavor mixed drinks. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Vastyr Storm Glass (page) The alchemical mixture inside this glass cylinder seems attuned to the movements of the sea and sky. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-style material-Molybdenum.png Volcanic Exfoliation Stone (page) A porous, pocket-sized rock used to slough off dead skin and soften your roughest edges. 00000100100 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Weaver's Tapestry Sketch (page) A drawing of an intricate tapestry created by a weaver before beginning on the larger project. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Weeping Mermaid Doll (page) Made from the hides of ten rare beasts, this mermaid appears to be crying for all the lives lost to its creation. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Scroll Case.png Whalebone Netting Needles (page) Different sized needles bundled in a fish leather wrap. Maormer use these to repair fishing nets. 00000100100 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Tweezers.png Wick Trimmer (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A specialized pair of foreceps [sic] used to trim the curled and burnt wick ends of candles in a shrine or temple. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Diagna Statuette.png Wooden Colossus (page) A wooden doll made to look like the Gonfalon Colossus. Its cape is made from coarse, dyed linen. 00000100100 Gold Children’s Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Writheleaf Fly Fishing Lure (page)
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A fishing lure centered around druid-enchanted ivy. Squirms and writhes like a living thing. 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Cameo.png Y'ffre's Beard (page) A square carving done in the traditional Stonelore style. An old man's wizened face is lovingly chisseled [sic] into the surface. 00000250250 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Sack.png Y'ffre's Blessed Soil (page) A sack of potting soil that is enchanted to help plants grow. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-misc-Tree.png Y'ffre's Tree (page) Idol of a verdant tree, its intricately carved branches hint at great craftmanship. 00000250250 Gold Statues