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Constable Gretga
Home Settlement Suran
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 39,959
15,000 (when talking to Melar Sadus)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Redoran
Constable Gretga

Constable Gretga is a Nord member of the Suran Town Guard and a friend of House Redoran.

She is second-in-command after Marshal Hlaren, although she isn't considered crooked enough by the Marshal to even be trusted with a copy of the Suran Prison key. Gretga is also an invaluable ally of the Scarlet Judge and is one of the few to know their identity.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

You'll first meet Constable Gretga after returning to town. She'll beckon you over.

Constable Gretga: "You there! You've been selected for a random search! Come here at once!"
Constable Gretga: "Follow me, quietly, away from the gates. We have a judge in common."
Constable Gretga: "This'll do. Just keep your voice down."

Speak to her.

"Sorry about this cloak and dagger nonsense. I can't be seen talking to anyone even remotely suspicious right now. Marshal Hlaren's watching me like a hawk."
Why is Marshal Hlaren watching you?
"She's on the lookout for anyone who might be colluding with the Scarlet Judge. I'm a friend of House Redoran, but that'll only get you so far in this town. Especially with Hlaren's Iron Hounds prowling around.
But look, we've got bigger problems."
Like what?
"There was an ambush. Somehow, Marshal Hlaren found out the Scarlet Judge was coming. Must have been one of the plantation owners - damn their eyes! I.. I wasn't fast enough.
They've jailed him. And if I know Hlaren, they plan to do much worse."
How do you know he's still alive?
"Hlaren needs him to recant his accusations. Publicly. Probably got one of her Hounds working him over right now, trying to squeeze out a confession.
The Judge'll hold out as long as he can, but everyone breaks eventually. We've got to get him out."
How do we do that?
"I'd let you into the prison myself, but Hlaren doesn't trust me with the keys. I've got the respect of her constables and the House, but my hands aren't dirty enough for her.
You're going to have to find a key."
Any idea where I might find one?
"Constable Kren will snatch up a bribe without batting an eye. If you're short on coin, try convincing Suran's locksmith, Remas, to cut you a deal. Or you could talk to Dredyni down at Desele's. She might know something. Just be discreet, all right?"
How do you know the Scarlet Judge?
"Oh, the Judge and I go way back.
The two of us, along with the former marshal, kept this town safe for decades. But when the marshal died and Hlaren took over, well... everything sort of fell apart."
How did you come to work with a vigilante?
"Ha! Is that what we're calling him now?
It wasn't too long ago slavery was legal in Morrowind. Buying and selling people was legal, right here in Suran. That sound right to you? The Judge keeps us honest. Sometimes, the law just gets in the way."

After you've obtained the Scarlet Judge's costume from Warden Libo you can find Gretga on the same balcony you left her. If you're not wearing the Scarlet Judge costume, she'll ask:

"You're back. Did you find Melar? Were you able to get him out?"


"Now there's a sight for sore eyes. The Scarlet Judge returns!
You wear it well! Better than Melar, even. But don't tell him I said that."
Melar refused to leave the prison. He urged me to defeat Hlaren as the Judge.
"Shor's bones, he's a stubborn one. Well, let's make sure he doesn't suffer in vain, eh?
Hlaren's gotten sloppy since Melar's capture. A combination of paranoia and misguided relief, I guess. She's making mistakes. Now's the time to act."
What's our next move?
"I did some snooping of my own while you were gone. According to Constable Kren, Hlaren ordered Inanius Egg Mine sealed today.
Bet you a pint that Hlaren's meeting with her plantation allies in that mine. She's probably carrying your evidence too."
How do I get into the mine?
"The front gates are barred from the inside, but there's an old service door near the back. It just so happens Dredyni had a spare key to sell.
Sneak in the back of the mine and recover that evidence. I'll meet you out front, ready to arrest Hlaren."
All right. I'll retrieve the evidence and meet you at the mine entrance.

Speaking to her again before departing:

"Best keep your eyes peeled in that mine. Inanius kwama are always ornery. Hlaren probably left some Iron Hounds to watch for intruders, too.
I hate to say it, but Hlaren probably won't come quietly. If you need to put her down by force, so be it."

Once you've killed Marshal Hlaren, leave by the front door to see Constables Gretga and Constable Kren having captured the landowners:

"We caught these three trying to slip away. Should have seen their faces!
It's a big risk arresting Suran's most powerful landowners. I'm hoping you've got the evidence to make it worthwhile. Where's Marshal Hlaren?"
Hlaren's not coming. Here's the evidence that proves she colluded with the plantation owners.
"Resisted, eh? I had a feeling it might go that way. Hlaren was happy to send other people to prison, but going herself? That rattled her knees.
It's a shame she won't live to see the inside of a cell, but these three will—for at least a while."
What happens now?
"With Hlaren dead, command falls to the senior officer. For now, that's... well, that's me.
I'll send constables out to the plantations to liberate the slaves. In the meantime, I've got to take this evidence to House Redoran."
What about our mutual friend?
"Oh, Melar? Well, I took a hard look at the evidence. Far as I can tell, this was just one big misunderstanding. Kren and I released him just before we set out. You'll find him in town nursing his wounds, no doubt.
You should speak with him."
I'll do that.
"Kren and I will march these crooks back to Suran. They'll stay in the prison they were kind enough to finance.
It might be a while until they get a trial, but we'll be sure to keep them comfortable. Might even give them cots to sleep on!"

Back in town, she will have a brief conversation with Melar:

Constable Gretga: "It's good to see you alive, my friend. Very good."
Melar Sadus: "Indeed. Forgive me for not getting up."
Constable Gretga: "Don't take this as an excuse. You're walking again, or else."

Then one last word with you:

"I wouldn't count Melar out, and neither should you. He's walking again, and probably going to be alive long after I'm pushing up roses. They build them tough in Vvardenfell."