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Online:Remas Belan

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Remas Belan
HomeĀ Settlement Suran
Location Keymaker's Tower
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Remas Belan

Remas Belan is a Dark Elf keymaker who can be found upstairs inside his tower in Suran.

Related QuestsEdit


If spoken to, he will say:

"Hey, who let you in here? I'm quite busy at the moment. Come back another time."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Constable Gretga will give you three options to help free the Scarlet Judge. If you choose to seek help from Remas, you can say:

I'm told you created the keys for Suran Prison.
"I create a great many keys, for a great many doors in Suran and beyond. I'm a well-respected craftsman!
But wait, why do you care if I create keys for prisons? You'll find no prison keys here, you ruffian!"
[Intimidate] I'd like a key to Suran's prison. Would you like to keep your knees intact?
"Now now, there's no need for violence! You're one of those Iron Hounds, aren't you? A pox on the lot of you!
I have keys I made for the new recruits just this morning. Take one and get out. If anyone comes to harm in that prison I'll ā€¦. Just go!"

If you speak to him again after intimidating him, he'll tell you off.

"I gave you what you wanted, Hound. Now get out of my house.
I don't care how much the Marshal is paying you. I won't tolerate any more disruptions of my work. Good day!"