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This article is about the faction. For the location in Western Skyrim, see Circle of Champions (place).

The Circle of Champions is a guild consisting of the greatest fighters of Tamriel, commonly referred to as "gladiators". Led by Battlemaster Rivyn, they demonstrate their prowess in games of martial skill using dangerous locales as battlegrounds. The gladiators are divided into three teams: the Fire Drakes, the Pit Daemons, and the Storm Lords. Some gladiators prefer to stick to one team, while others will change on a match-by-match basis. For more information, see the Battlegrounds page or the lore page.

Gladiators (along with Battlegrounds vendors) can be found in Gladiator's Quarters in a handful of cities. They can also be found at the gates of the battlegrounds at Ald Carac, Foyada Quarry, and Ularra.



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  • For Glory: Prove yourself in a Battleground competition.

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  • Since the Battlegrounds is a PVP game mode, players will never face any of the Gladiators in combat.