ON-icon-food-Small Game.png Small Game
Type Meat
Some hanging rabbits

Small Game is an ingredient used in Provisioning to make a variety of Food dishes. As a meat-type ingredient, all standard recipes using small game will have an Increase Maximum Health effect. Small Game may be found in containers throughout Tamriel, and may also be found hanging from hooks or strings in cooking areas or camps. You may also find small game by killing smaller, usually passive animals, such as rabbits, squirrels, or foxes, or sometimes aggressive ones such as skeevers and wolves.


Meat DishesEdit

Savory DishesEdit

Savory Dishes involve Meat and Fruit, and add an Increase Maximum Magicka effect to the dish.

Ragout DishesEdit

Ragout Dishes involve Meat and Vegetables, and add an Increase Maximum Stamina effect to the dish.

Gourmet DishesEdit

Gourmet Dishes involve Meat, Fruit, and Vegetables, and increases all three attribute maximums.