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Birkhu the Bold
Home City Orsinium
Location Skalar's Hostel
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Birkhu the Bold

Birkhu the Bold is a Khajiit who can be found at Skalar's Hostel in Orsinium.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Snow and Steam[edit]

"I knew Wrothgar was dangerous, but giant metal men, too? It is too much!"
You're the one who discovered these Dwarven machines up north?
"Who is wishing to know? It is not my fault, walker! Birkhu only poked the machines with a stick. And then … oh, Alkosh forgive me!"
What is it?
"No, walker. The pain is still too near. This one needs more drink …. Yes, another drink and I will tell you my tale."
You've had enough. Now, tell me what happened.
"Bah! This land freezes the heart and the purse-strings. Fine. You can hear my tale for nothing. Happy?
Birkhu and his friends came north in search of easy coin. This one heard that in Wrothgar, valuable Dwarf-craft can be found everywhere."
You need a drink? I'll buy you a drink.
"Many thanks. Hmm. You look familiar … have we met? Never mind. You paid for my drink, you get the tale.
Birkhu and his friends came north in search of easy coin. This one heard that in Wrothgar, valuable Dwarf-craft can be found everywhere!"
Where are your friends now?
"Dead … buried in snow and blood. We found it while we were looking for Dwarf metal to salvage, you see? The Dwarf machine, half buried. We poked it with a stick and the ground shook like a ja'khajiit's rattle.
Birkhu thinks that's what woke it up."
Woke what up?
"A huge metal man … Nyzchaleft is its name. This one read about it in books. It killed Birkhu's friends. Splashed their innards all over the snow.
You must destroy it! This one's friends will still be dead, but maybe they will rest easier, yes?"

After you have defeated Nyzchaleft, you can return to Birkhu:

"Hmm? Oh, it is you. You have been gone a long time. It has been a long time hasn't it? Sorry. Birkhu has been, you know … occupied.
Were you successful? Is Nyzchaleft destroyed?"
Yes, I defeated Nyzchaleft.
"This one should feel relief, yes? But these machines are never truly dead, are they? What if Nyzchaleft returns? Birkhu could not bear it if more explorers came to harm because of his stupidity.
Birkhu will stay here to drink—I mean, keep watch."

Speaking with him after completing the quest:

"With that mechanical beast dead, perhaps Birkhu should dust off the cobwebs and start exploring again!
Then again, the alcohol in this place is very, very good. Perhaps one more drink …."
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