Online: People
Home City Ebonheart
House Zasha-Ja's House
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Biiril is a Dunmer skooma addict who was hired by Rhavil Urano to poison the Hist tree found in the Argonian's quarters of Ebonheart.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Sapling: Help save the Argonian's Hist tree in Ebonheart.


When spoken to, he will respond with one of a few somewhat insane phrases, presumably caused by licking Hist sap:

"Triangles. They taste like silver. Like water. I never knew."
"Don't make me breathe. There are spores in the air! Huge clouds of them. Can't you see them?"
"Ha ha! Now it's orange. Can you see it? You must see it."
"Worms. Worms in the ground. They swim through the earth like fish.
They're everywhere. The lizards dance inside them."
"I can feel the spores on my fingertips. Can't wipe them off. Have to eat them off.
Someone get me a knife. Please!"
"Don't take my shoes. My toes might grow into the earth."
"I feel so hot. The mud outside was so cool. Could I go lie down in it?"
"It's all connected. They're all connected. They hide it from us, but I can see it now."

During the quest, after he's been caught by the Hist Tree:

What were you doing to the Hist?
"What did I do? What did it do to me? I see. I feel. I'm awake.
I touched it. It smelled like flowers and black earth. It tasted like rain and summer wind and the deepest green."
You... tasted the tree?
"He said the tree's sap would be better than skooma. He was right.
He said the Argonians might be angry. Do you think they're angry? To me they always look angry. It's the teeth."
You had a bottle. What was in it?
"He gave me the bottle. Said it was for the tree. I thought it was skooma. I tasted it- it was bad. I fed it to a lizard. He didn't like it either. He died.
The bottle broke! How can I fill it with sap?"
Someone encouraged you to do this? Who?
"I never saw him before. I asked him for coin to get skooma.
He was a Dunmer. Someone called him... Bravil? Weevil? Wabbajack? Rhavil! That's it."