Location Divad's Chagrin Mine
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Old look

Armin is a Redguard traveler who is looking for his ancestor's remains inside Divad's Chagrin Mine.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

The grave's old location

You will encounter him inside the mine's westernmost chamber. He speaks aloud to himself: "I can't believe I finally found it."

Speak with him to begin the quest.

"Well, after all the years it's taken me to find this place, I certainly did not expect to see someone else down here.
Were you searching for it as well? Or do you even realize that this is the final resting place of Sabasad the Shield?"
Who is Sabasad the Shield?
"He was one of Divad Hunding's companions. He died fighting Goblins. He was also my ancestor.
I have spent seven years in the desert searching for Sabasad's remains. My wife deemed this a fool's errand … she has probably given up on me by now …."
Won't you return to her now?
"Soon, yes. First though, I must take proof of my find to the Temple in Satakalaam and ask the priests to ensure this is turned into a proper shrine.
I wonder … would you consider taking word to her, telling Falisa I live, that I have succeeded?"
I can take word to your wife.

You can ask him some questions after you accept the quest.

"I hope the message will give her some solace … and perhaps soften her heart so she will not be so angry when I return.
She is in Sentinel—possibly in the inn. Tell her I found Sabasad's remains, and that I love her and I will soon be home."
How did you find this place?
"It was one of those coincidences that can only be the work of the gods. I had exhausted my search of this area, and decided to move on.
I sat down to rest, leaned back, and fell down this hole. I was knocked out, but awoke to find … I was here."
Are you sure Falisa hasn't forgotten you?
"I am not certain. Perhaps she has. Morwha knows that would have been better for her, but I have a feeling she abides for me. We had a very special love, and it was hard for me to leave.
I owed this to my father, though, may his soul rest in peace."