Elder Scrolls Online: People
Home City Elden Root
Race Altmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Arantale is an Altmer found on the paths just outside of Elden Root, being given a tour by Ervalir alongside Caldandien and Mathi. The route takes them between Elden Root, Elden Root Temple Wayshrine, and Laeloria.

Along the way, Arantale participates a bit in the discussion:

Ervalir: "Here is the temple of the Eight. We accept the Eight just as you do. Possibly more."
Arantale: "I thought the Bosmer worshipped only Hircine!"
Ervalir: "A common misconception, and there are many who do. Fortunately, the practice seems to be losing favor. With the formation of the Dominion, it may be a difficult tradition to maintain."
Mathi: "A pity. Even a brief hunt through the Valenwood would yield prey worthy of Hungry Cat's claws."
Arantale: "Mathi! You worship Daedra?"
Mathi: "No, no! But it is a romantic notion, is it not?"
Ervalir: "Come along. There's plenty more to see!"

Ervalir: "Here you can see the ruins of Laeloria. They say golden wisps congregate there at night."
Caldandien: "Is there truth to these rumors or is this another Bosmer story?"
Ervalir: "I'm not sure I know what you mean by Bosmer story, friend. But it is true! I have seen them with my own eyes."
Caldandien: "Doubtful. Though I must admit, my curiosity is piqued."
Arantale: "Mine, as well! Perhaps we should arrange a nocturnal visit!"
Ervalir: "That can be arranged, though I must warn you—Daedra have been seen in the area."
Ervalir: "Let's continue on."

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