Home City Elden Root
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Ervalir is a Bosmer found on the paths just outside of Elden Root, giving a tour to Caldandien, Mathi, and Arantale. The route takes them between Elden Root, Elden Root Temple Wayshrine, and Laeloria.


He gives information and answers questions along the way:

Ervalir: "Elden Root! First and last of the Graht-oaks."
Caldandien: "Why is it so still? I'd heard the graht-oaks never stop moving."
Ervalir: "Perhaps it grew tired of wandering and is resting? Or perhaps it has always been thus. Whatever the answer, it now marks the center of the Dominion! Even Summerset acknowledges its might! So long as it stands tall, we will prosper under the shadow of its boughs."
Ervalir: " ** random ** "

Ervalir: "Here is the temple of the Eight. We accept the Eight just as you do. Possibly more."
Arantale: "I thought the Bosmer worshipped only Hircine!"
Ervalir: "A common misconception, and there are many who do. Fortunately, the practice seems to be losing favor. With the formation of the Dominion, it may be a difficult tradition to maintain."
Mathi: "A pity. Even a brief hunt through the Valenwood would yield prey worthy of Hungry Cat's claws."
Arantale: "Mathi! You worship Daedra?"
Mathi: "No, no! But it is a romantic notion, is it not?"
Ervalir: " ** random ** "

Ervalir: "Here, you can get a view of majestic Elden Root in all its splendor."

Ervalir: "Here you can see the ruins of Laeloria. They say golden wisps congregate there at night."
Caldandien: "Is there truth to these rumors or is this another Bosmer story?"
Ervalir: "I'm not sure I know what you mean by Bosmer story, friend. But it is true! I have seen them with my own eyes."
Caldandien: "Doubtful. Though I must admit, my curiosity is piqued."
Arantale: "Mine, as well! Perhaps we should arrange a nocturnal visit!"
Ervalir: "That can be arranged, though I must warn you—Daedra have been seen in the area."
Ervalir: " ** random ** "

Ervalir: "During the Blacksap rebellion, this bridge was demolished by Colovian mercenaries marching to join Gelthior at Cormount. The magic granted us by the Green Pact has since regrown it, but you can still smell the ash."

Note: Ervalir's "random" word has three patterns:
It is "Come along. There's plenty more to see!", "Let's continue on.", or "Be sure to stay near, and don't leave the road. The wilds can be a dangerous place."

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