Online:Apphia Matia

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Apphia Matia
Location North of Castle Faregyl
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Apphia Matia

Apphia Matia is an Imperial north of Castle Faregyl. She is traveling through Cyrodiil on her horse Meteor, and is pregnant with Brielus Colus' child.

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"What are you doing, sneaking up on a woman in my condition?"
What condition is that?
"As it turns out, I'm pregnant. But the father of my baby, Brielus Colus, lives far off in Cheydinhal. He made sure I escaped that warzone but couldn't come with me.
If he is still alive, he should know he's to be a father."
Cheydinhal sounds really far away.
"Oh, but please! My Brielus is a fine and noble man. He'll be delighted to hear this news.
If you go to Cheydinhal, please let him know I will wait for him in Vlastarus, forever if need be!"

Speaking to her again:

"Please let my Brielus know I'm all right. He'll be so worried about me."

If you return to her after informing Brielus, you can tell her about his reaction. She will not be pleased.

"You're back. Did you tell Brielus? Is he coming for me?"
Yes and no.
"What do you mean? You told him about our baby and he's not coming to get me?"
That's about it.
"That bastard! But it's not his fault, really. It's that witch of a wife. She's keeping him from me, I'm sure of it. If only she were dead. Maybe I'll go back and kill her. Then Brielus would be mine!"
I'll be going now.
"Just so long as you don't warn Brielus or that witch. Now go away. I need to think."